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‘He is a huge online shark! He has made 3 million USD in less than 3 years, he actually is a machine’, I heard as I was passing the set in the Palm Beach Casino yesterday on my way to set up for another day of poker.

I glanced over the table and saw Yevgeniy Timoshenko – I knew they were talking about him but it was hard for me to put the actions and the face together. People always put poker players in stereotypes – Scandinavian kids, scruffy Europeans or old Americans, but how wrong are they.

Crushing the high stakes tables online

Maybe it’s my East European roots talking, but it’s hard not to notice Yevgeniy Timoshenko’s big eyes piercing through Frank Kassella (I still like you, Frank, don’t worry!:). I knew a bit about Yevgeniy Timoshenko but I decided to do a little research and could hardly believe all the things he has achieved in such a young age.

Besides crushing the high stakes tables online, he has won the Asian Poker Tour and cashed in for $500,000. Later in 2008 he had his first cash in the World Series of Poker, finishing in 3rd place in Event #1 in London and as of 2009, but all of this gets a bit pushed back when you know that he also took down the season 7 World Poker Tour Championship, earning $2,149,960.

Very pleasant and sometimes mysterious, Yevgeniy Timoshenko spoke to me just before he took down his heat at PartyPoker’s World Open VI so here you are – more on Timoshenko at school, his poker advice and many other things just for you, peeps.

P.S. – thanks Wikipedia :)


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