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Sit & Go (SNG) players now have the chance to win a share of $23,500 every week just for playing their favourite games thanks to our exciting SNG Leaderboards.

SNG Leaderboards run from 00:00 CET on Monday through to 23:59 CET the following Sunday and are split into four separate leaderboards based on the SNG buy-ins. SNG Leaderboard points are earned based on the number of players in the tournament and your finishing position, meaning you earn points simply for playing an SNG but secure even more for winning your SNG.

The following formula is used for awarding SNG Leaderboards points: 10* [√n√rank]

We have split the SNG Leaderboards into four to make it a level playing ground for everyone and to give more players the chance to secure cash prizes and tournament dollars. Earn points for the Low leaderboard by entering SNGs with a buy-in o f $1 to $4.99. Points for the Mid leaderboard are awarded for SNGs with buy-ins of $10-$49.99), while playing $50-$199.99 SNGs earns you points for the High leaderboard. The High Rollers among you can play in $200 to $1,000 buy-in games and earn points for your own leaderboard.

SNG Leaderboards Payouts

The $23,500 guaranteed to be won every week is made up of cash prizes and tournament dollars. Tournament dollars can be used to enter any partypoker tournament, including SNG, so any you win can be used during next week’s SNG Leaderboard if you wish.

Prizes range from T$2 to T$750 with cash prizes weighing in from $75 up to a cool $2,500.

Place Low ($1-$9.99) Mid ($10-$49.99) High ($50-$199.99) High Roller ($200-$1,000)
1 $150 cash $750 cash $2,500 cash $2,500 cash
2 $100 cash $500 cash $1,500 cash $1,500 cash
3 $75 cash $400 cash $1,000 cash $1,000 cash
4 T$50 T$350 T$750 T$750
5 T$50 T$250 T$500 T$500
6 T$40 T$250 T$350 T$250
7 T$40 T$200 T$300 T$250
8 T$20 T$150 T$250 T$250
9 T$20 T$150 T$200 T$250
10 T$10 T$100 T$150 T$250
11-20 T$10 T$50 T$100
21-30 T$10 T$40 T$50
31-50 T$5 T$20 T$50
51-65 T$5 T$20
66-100 T$2 T$10

Please note that heads-up SNG and SPINS do not count for the SNG Leaderboards promotion, but all your play in other SNG does earn you points, even when you use the partypoker mobile app, meaning you can earn points while out on the move.

Hit the SNG tables now and see if you can climb up the SNG Leaderboards and bag yourself a prize this week.

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