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Sin Melin has entered WPT National London in good form after she reached the final table of the GUKPT London Main Event that was held at The Vic. Now she is well on course for a deep run here in this tournament, thanks in part to doubling through Manuel Bevand.

We saw Melin move all in on a flop, which brought a resigned sigh from Bevand. He reluctantly called and turned over [Qx][Tx] for a straight, but was drawing dead to the of Melin. Girl power!

At the opposite side of the room, Simon Deadman was in the small blind and he bet 16,100 into Manig Loeser on a bard. Loeser, a talented German who resides in London, called from the big bind. The river was the and Deadman counted out 35,100 chips and placed them over the betting line in one, large tower. Loeser checked his hole cards, didn’t like what he saw and tossed them back to the dealer.

Just 79 players remain in the field; they are dropping like flies! Here are a selection of counts for you to look over!

  • Tamer Kamel – 180,000
  • Mathew Frankland – 94,000
  • Sin Melin – 74,000
  • Simon Deadman – 65,000
  • Manuel Bevand – 51,000
  • Karl Mahrenholz – 49,000
  • Ludovic Lacay – 39,700
  • Benjamin Pollak – 36,000
  • Chris Bjorin – 33,300
  • Chuck Clark – 29,000
  • Jamie Burland – 26,000
  • James Browning – 24,000
  • Surinder Sunar – 18,500
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