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Mathew Frankland has been moved from pillar to post so far on Day 2 and is now sat on his third table since play began. His latest table is Table 4, which is located at the far end of the room, just in front of the large WPT and PartyPoker banner. Here Frankland is sharing a table with Karl Mahrenholz and Tamer Kamal, among others.

Frankland’s new home has not been what you would consider to be welcoming, as it has relieved him of around 30,000 chips in the past three hands.

Hand #1

Karl Mahrenholz opened to 2,200 from under-the-gun, one player folded and Frankland three-bet to 5,300. Kamel called from the next seat and Mahrenholz called. The trio shared a flop, Mahrenholz checking, Frankland continuing with a 6,800 bet and only Kamel calling. The turn saw both player check but Frankland led for 17,700 on the river. Kamel called and the hands were shown down.

Frankland turned over [Kx][Qx] and Kamel won with the .

Hand #2

Frankland opened the betting with a raise to 2,200 and his only customer was Mahrenholz in the big blind. Mahrenholz checked the flop, Frankland bet 2,200 but then folded when Mahrenholz check-raised to 5,800.

Hand #3

Again, Frankland raised to 2,200, Kamel three-bet next to act. Adam Lawler cold-called on the button and Frankland tossed in the extra chips to call. The flop saw Frankland and Kamel check to Lawler, who bet 7,000. Only Kamel called. Both players checked the turn but Kamel led for 18,400 on the river, prompting a fold from Lawler.

“Not the best end for a level, hey Franky?” we said to Frankland as he headed out of the tournament area for a scheduled break.

“It doesn’t matter,” came the reply, “ I still have heaps.”

And heaps he does have, Frankland has around 60,000 or 50 big blinds. Kamel is now past 200,000 and is going to take some catching.

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