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It was a long hard dance for Shubert777 but one that clearly paid off huge dividends. The 200K Guaranteed this Sunday saw 1157 fellow partypoker players all battle it for a huge prizepool of $231,400. Meanwhile 10hrs and 21 minutes later we saw Shubert777 prove to be victorious and of course $45,123 richer for his hard work.

Heads Up

Going up against chadhimself for heads up the final hand we saw the blinds at 25k/50k with a 5k ante. The button on chadhimself held a stack of 1,580,680 in chips whilst Shubert777 sits pretty with  4,204,320 in chips.

Shubert777 gets dealt Jc As and chadhimself is dealt 8s Ad.  And after some back and forth action it was off to the races in this 10hrs long game as chadhimself goes all-In. The board runs out to read 4h 2c Th 7h 2h. For Shubert777 holding a pair of Twos this is one time that Kicker Jack clearly saved his day. Still you have to admit $23,949 for second can’t hurt that much right?

Top 10 payouts:

  1. Shubert777: $45,123
  2. Chadhimself: $23,949
  3. volZok: $15,156
  4. WKD33: $12,842
  5. ssvalencia: $10,528
  6. romeopro33: $8,214
  7. wwwsop: $5,900
  8. doyouhavefun: $3,818
  9. QWERTYapv: $2,661
  10. DayfoldDave $2,082

The important bits

When? 13:30 ET every Sunday

How can I qualify? Win free entry in daily tournaments

How much to buy in? Just $215

What can I win? A share of $200,000 – or more

Okay I want in! Head to the 200K page for more!

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You can qualify to the partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday for free via our daily tournaments or simply buy yourself in for just $215. Every Sunday at 1330 ET / 1830 GMT the cards hit the virtual felt and someone is going home an amazing five figures richer!

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