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Happy holidays and hello 2018! One thing is for sure, it will absolutely be a Happy New Year for a good number of tournament poker players. That’s because the opportunity to make money in live tournaments in the coming year will be unparalleled to any time in history. A big reason for this will be because of partypoker LIVE MILLIONS events.

Mike Sexton, Anatoly Filatov and Marcel Luske at partypoker LIVE CPP

Mike Sexton, Anatoly Filatov and Marcel Luske

What partypoker LIVE accomplished in 2017 in terms of growth, performance, and appreciation/respect from players was truly incredible. Lucky for all of us, 2018 is going to be bigger and better!

I know what you’re thinking – “Of course Sexton’s going to say that. He works for them!” That’s true, but I don’t say that because I work for them (although I’m proud that I do). I’d say that even if I didn’t work for partypoker. Why? I’m a poker player, that’s why; I’ve played professionally since 1977. I understand and appreciate when someone takes a risk and sticks their head on the chopping block where they could potentially lose millions of dollars. This is what partypoker LIVE has done and continues to do with their massive guarantees.

Take a bow Rob Yong

partypoker LIVE Rob Yong

Rob Yong

In case you don’t know who is responsible for these huge guarantees, I think you should. Rob Yong, one of the most respected people in the poker world and owner of Dusk Till Dawn, the largest poker room in England, is the man behind the partypoker LIVE tour. He partnered with partypoker for them to run satellites for partypoker LIVE events. Rob doesn’t seek publicity or the limelight. In fact, with him, it’s just the opposite. I just think it’s important that poker players know who to appreciate and thank for creating the partypoker LIVE tour.

As you’ve seen during the past year, Rob doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk – big time! His passion, love of poker (he plays in the nosebleed NLH high stakes cash games), vision, and work ethic is second to none. Nobody in history has made guarantees like partypoker LIVE MILLIONS is doing. NOBODY! (Click here to see the 2018 schedule.) Personally, I don’t believe anyone made a bigger impact on the poker world in 2017 than Rob Yong.

Simply put, Rob doesn’t think Chevy. He thinks Rolls Royce. He has deep pockets and a lot of balls to put up the minimum prize pool guarantees that he does. In 2018, for example, there are several $5m guaranteed events and at least three partypoker LIVE events with $10 million guaranteed prize pools where at least three players will become millionaires! It’s what all players dream about, life-changing money! And the good news for all players, regardless of bankrolls, is that there are countless ways to win packages online at partypoker and live with our casino partners to play in these mega, life-changing partypoker LIVE events.

Rob Yong, partypoker LIVE President John Duthie and his staff, me, Head of partypoker Tom Waters and everyone at partypoker, as well as our casino partners, believe that players love to know what the minimum prize pool is before they get to an event. We believe that if you offer players big guarantees and provide them a terrific poker experience at the events that they will come, appreciate what you are doing, and become loyal to you. That’s the business model and the route we’re taking with the partypoker LIVE tour. Believe me, partypoker LIVE has created a real buzz in the poker world and for good reason.

$20 million guaranteed MILLIONS Online



Speaking of buzz, how about this recent announcement by partypoker? The partypoker MILLIONS Online from December 1-4, 2018 has quadrupled its guaranteed prizepool to $20 million! It was $5 million in 2017 and will be $20 million in 2018. That’s pretty amazing! In addition, to show our appreciation for players’ support, there’s a $3 million online leaderboard, which will commence on February 5th with the top ten players every week winning a $5,300 MILLIONS Online seat as well as the top ten finishers in every partypoker LIVE MILLIONS event throughout the year receiving a $5,300 seat in the 2018 MILLIONS Online.

Good on you partypoker – reward players who support you. And on behalf of poker players around the world, how about a special “thank you” to Rob Yong for his vision, love of poker, creation of the partypoker LIVE tour, and huge guaranteed prize pools!

It’s going to be a Happy New Year for a lot of players. I hope to see you at partypoker LIVE events and/or online at partypoker in 2018.

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