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After Alec Torelli has been voted off the table, it didn’t take long for that empty seat to be taken by a new player.

Welcome Sergio Aido

It’s local player Sergio Aido who brings his money and hopes to the table. There’s not much information to be found about him, but recent winnings at the EPT/UK & Ireland Poker Tour speak for themselves.

The very first hand he played he managed to take down a big pot, after he managed to get a straight with nines against Max Pescatori’s queens.

The Quiet Monk

Faraz Jaka has been very quiet so far. He has recently come back from a trip to Thailand, where he spent some time in a monastery (not being allowed to speak during that time). While that might be a reason for his lack of words, his game still speaks for itself. Only a few moments ago he managed to double up through Toby Lewis, by successfully selling his hand as a bluff.

Jaka Faraz

Tony G took the opportunity to stick another needle into Toby Lewis, who brings another €10k to the table after taking a short break.

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