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Well known and liked within the poker community Scott Baumstein describes himself as “Team partypoker Pro, Commentator, Coach, Pretty good at Minesweeper” So you could say he clearly knows a thing or two about poker right? Plus he’s good friends with Mike Sexton that goes a long way in our book. Well via our good friends stateside we managed to catch up with him to grab a few of his best poker tips which he mentioned these are what you need to master to win at poker. Let’s cut to the chase as they say in all the good films.

1. Game selection

The most important decision you make is one before you sit down. You may have a choice of tables and one might have more chips and/or more action than the other.

2. Play within your bankroll

A good rule of thumb for a cash game is that you should have at least 30 buy-ins of a given stake.

3. Raise or fold?

I see novice players limping in. If you like your hand then raise with it, and if you are uncertain then fold.

4. Don’t bluff too often

When you bluff make sure you have a reason and that the story makes sense.

5. Pay attention and keep track…

The difference between winning and losing can be as a simple a quick distraction. Does your opponent always limp in with big hands? Does he only re-raise with AA or KK pre-flop?  Take notes and take the game seriously then you’ll see how you’ve been doing.

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