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We’ve had some fantastic MILLIONS Passports stories recently. Mike Hill turned a $22 investment into a $10,000 MILLIONS Passport. John Holmes went one better by turned $11 into a MILLIONS Passport. Both those incredible stories have been trumped by Belarus’ Ruslan Maiseenko.

Ruslan’s goal of winning a MILLIONS Passport is nothing new. Hundreds of his fellow partypoker players have the same dream. His plan, however, was different in that Ruslan’s plan didn’t involve spending a single cent to achieve his goal!

“My friends thought it was impossible, but I set a goal to win a MILLIONS Passport for free. I believed in myself. If you really want something and work on your poker game, you will achieve your goal at some point.”

Ruslan did achieve his goal as he navigated his way from the MILLIONS Passport freerolls all the way to the Sunday final where the $10,000 passports were waiting to be won. A mixture of hard work and good fortune contributed to Ruslan’s progress, but things took a change for the worse early on in the final.

Aces Cracked in the Weekly Final

“I was very nervous during Sunday’s final. I lost a big hand with pocket aces at the beginning.”

Many players would have tilted at such a scenario. Pouring blood, sweat, and tears into a project only for it to come crashing down and doing so with the best starting hand on No-Limit Hold’em. Ruslan managed to keep his composure and turn things around.

“I managed to avoid going on lengthy tilt and even managed to become the chip leader quite soon after.”

The Belarusian eventually got his hands on a $10,000 MILLIONS Passport, doing so without ever risking a single cent of his poker bankroll!

“Now I can say that every dream may come reality with partypoker. I will be happy if other players play more, believe in themselves, and are inspired by my story.”

Ruslan hasn’t yet decided where he will use his MILLIONS Passport, but he must be itching to choose a location. Perhaps he’ll decide during one of his daily 10 kilometres walks with his magnificent Siberian Husky? He has previous cashes in partypoker LIVE events having finished third in a $750 buy-in Eurasian Poker Tour Minsk event that was presented by partypoker. That netted Ruslan a career-best live score of $18,000.

Next MILLIONS Passport Final Runs April 26

The next MILLIONS Passport final takes place at 22:00 CET on April 26 and has 10x $10,000 VIP packages guaranteed to be won. You can’t buy into this final direct, you must play your way in from one of the $109 buy-in Semi Finals.

Don’t worry of the $109 buy-in is out of your reach, there are lower buy-in phases to choose from. Buy-in for $1.10, or $11 and try progress cheaply. You can also, of course, start your quest for a MILLIONS Passport from freerolls that run several times each day. Ruslan managed to do that, you can too.

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