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Our Legend of the Week are immensely popular thanks, in part, to the fact you only need to play a maximum of 12 tournaments across any given week to be in with a chance to win a prize. Having five different levels of buy-in for the Legend of the Week leaderboards means we can reward players of all skill levels and bankroll sizes.

Recently, Belarus’ “Rezista” walked away with the $5.50 Legend of the Week leaderboard title, which saw a pair of $320 tournament tickets land in her account, giving her the opportunity to play for far larger stakes than she is accustomed to.

Rezista has played poker for the past four and a half years but has taken poker more seriously for the past 12 months.

“I adhere to bankroll management and try to train and improve my poker skills with the guys from Mountain Team.”

Our recent winner knew all about the Legend of the Week leaderboards but was not aware the tournaments she was playing counted towards a potential victory. They did, and she finished on top of the $5.50 Leaderboard.

“I won The Headhunter tournament which helped, but there were also some deep runs in $5.50 buy-in and $11 buy-in tournaments, too. I played well the whole week and it was fun and interesting. My opponents came across as pleasant, and Lady Luck did not pass me by.”

Rezista plans on making plenty more runs at the Legend of the Week leaderboards, especially any Daily Legends with a progressive knockout format.

“Legend of the Week is an excellent promotion for beginners and experienced players. It works as an additional motivation to play more and more attentively. I like to play knockouts because they are less volatile tournaments, plus they attract many recreational players.”

Climb The Legend of the Week Leaderboards

You can follow in Rezista’s footsteps by getting involved in the Legend of the Week leaderboards. They run from 00:00 CEST on Monday through to 23:59 CEST the following Saturday.

Playing in any of the Daily Legends tournaments shown in the table below awards you leaderboard points. Be one of the top 100 points earners at the end of the week to get your hands on a prize.

Leaderboard Buy-in Tournaments
1 $2.20 The Double Jab & The Deuce
2 $5.50 The Headhunter & The Five Diamond
3 $11 The Terminator & The Ocean’s
4 $22 The Predator & The Clasico
5 $55 The Gladiator & The Masters

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