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One component that I have worked on with players to help them sustain focus during those long sessions at the tables is what I call, “Resetting Physiology”.

Resetting Physiology helps you sustain a high level of focus as the connection between your mind and body is so strong. Poker being a game where by you are seated for long periods of time, your physiology can have a tendency to shut down, which has a massive impact on your mind’s ability to stay sharp.

Resetting Physiology consists of making sure every 30min you make sure your body is moving, whether that be doing a few short sharp squats while playing online, or getting up out of chair and going for a walk if you are playing live. Doing this every 30min will ensure your mind is sharp and ready to make the best possible decision you need to make RIGHT NOW!!

Jamie Glazier is a mental game coach at Dare2Dream.


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