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The all-new partypoker loyalty scheme launches on Monday 23 May and not only is it much more straightforward, it also gives you up to 40 percent cash back into your account every week.

When you play poker for real money, you will earn 1 point for every $1 you contribute in cash game rake or tournament fees. Once you have opted in via the Rewards section of your account and earned a minimum of 25 points, you start to receive cash back into your partypoker account. The more points you collect, the higher the rakeback percentage you receive. Your cash back is paid directly into your partypoker account every Monday and can be used for whatever you want to spend it on. Be sure to familiarise yourself with all the ins and outs of the new cashback scheme by clicking here.

partypoker Cashback Points, Tiers and Percentages

Points Loyalty Payment Percentage
25 $5.00 20%
50 $10.00 20%
75 $15.00 20%
100 $20.00 20%
150 $37.50 25%
200 $50.00 25%
250 $62.50 25%
300 $75.00 25%
350 $87.50 25%
400 $100.00 25%
450 $112.50 25%
500 $125.00 25%
600 $180.00 30%
700 $210.00 30%
800 $240.00 30%
900 $270.00 30%
1000 $300.00 30%
1200 $480.00 40%
1400 $560.00 40%
1600 $640.00 40%
1800 $720.00 40%
2000 $800.00 40%
Palladium Elite VIP – Invite only

40 percent cashback is awarded for every 200 points after earning 2,000

partypoker Managing Director Tom Waters said: “The new, significantly improved loyalty scheme is straightforward and offers regular cashback to players. I recognised that the existing loyalty store was complicated and confusing for some players and so we decided to replace the store with a simple and rewarding rakeback scheme that will deliver cashback into players accounts every week. The new scheme was designed in consultation with a large group of players and I hope that we have delivered a rakeback program that will suitably reward our loyal players.”

partypoker Ambassador Patrick Leonard said: “This is a huge improvement for partypoker which I have been championing for a long time. I made sure that all the feedback I received from the poker playing community was passed on to partypoker to ensure we were given a simple and fair reward system that gives players exactly what we are looking for.”

Ready to join the party?

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  1. Sebastian Świerad on

    i know sometimes ppl dont comment on stuff

    but yo, this is good, itll bring back a grinder to PP

  2. Not to be too much of a nit picker, but this really isn’t “rakeback”, it’s just a change in the VIP program. The definitely of “rakeback” is a flat percentage of rake paid returned to a player, regardless of the volume of rake paid.

    This program, having tiers based on volume, is actually a VIP program!

  3. Kimmo Vänttinen on

    Basically there is no rakeback for microstakes rec players anymore :(