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Players and those backing players in partypoker LIVE events can now be protected thanks to a suggestion from The Thirst Lounge’s Bill Perkins being put into action.

Perkins took to Twitter on New Year’s Eve and tweeted, “If live tournament allowed backers to enter people and collect the cash we would smash registration records. If this can be worked out poker would BOOM again.”

He followed that tweet with, “one of the biggest issues with backing people is how the cash is controlled. Make that simple and everyone benefits. Should be easy to have X player but cash goes to Y backer. Just a few more lines of code.”

partypoker LIVE acted fast to put this excellent plan in place and came up with the Joint Instruction Form.

In short, partypoker LIVE enables players and backers to settle payouts using the cash desk at tournaments to payout the correct amounts to each party.

All both parties need to do is download, complete, and sign a simple form and the cashier will distribute the funds as per the form if the player in the tournament navigates their way into the money places. It really is as simple as that.

Click here to check out the terms and conditions and to download the Joint Instruction Form.

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