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We are kicking 2020 off in style with the launch of the month-long New Year Rush promotion that sees us give away $200,000 in prizes every week.

The New Year Rush is split into four separate weeks, each awarding $200,000 worth of prizes. Prizes can be won each and every day until February 2nd and include leaderboard race points and everyone’s favourite, cold hard cash! What’s more, you’ll also be earning cashback points while you get your grind on.

Your aim is to win daily prize cards throughout the New Year Rush. Each card you get your hands on guarantees a share of the $200,000 weekly prize pool. Only a set number of each prize is available to win, once they are gone they are gone, so it pays to hit the tables right away as to not miss out.

How to earn New Year Rush cards

Earning cards is a simple task. Once you have opted in, all you need to do is earn at least 0.2 points and a card is yours. Points are earned at a rate of one point for every $1 you contribute to the cash game rake or pay in tournament fees.

Up to three cards can be earned per day, with the cards unlocking when you hit the following points totals:

  • Earn 0.2 points in a day to unlock your first card
  • Generate 1.5 points in a day to unlock your second card
  • Earn 3 points in a day to unlock your third card

The points you earn roll over so you can pick up from where you left off the day before and don’t have to restart at zero points, which means even more of you will be opening these special cards.

All prizes are completely random but you are guaranteed to win one. Cash prizes start at $0.5 and increase to a cool $500. There are no wagering requirements for the cash prizes, they are yours to do with as you wish.

Race Leaderboard points give you the chance to bank a share of $10,000 each week. Points for the leaderboard are random so everyone has an equal chance of winning a prize. Be one of the top 20 finishers on the leaderboard and you’ll get your hands on a cash prize worth between $25 and a cool $3,000.

Good luck at the tables!

Ready to join the party?

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