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Back in London getting ready for the Premier League Mixed Game Championship to start at the Playboy Club in London on Sunday. Being the playboy that I am I’m heading off to meet some Egyptian and Lebanese friends for a double apple shisha on the Edgware Road. I love the line-up, I will smoke them all! I just wish my good friend Joe Hachem was playing, I nearly choked on my smoke when I saw his tweet today:

‘@JosephHachem poker and chilling in Club 23 with boys from Kings of Leon. Haven’t been this relaxed in ages. Cool guys btw!’

Is he entering my twitter competition for impressions of a certain poker player? If so the $25 is on its way to you Joe – see you at the Aussie Millions!

Anyway to the NLH/PLH/PLO fest and the £2,000 cognacs at the Playboy Club. I think it is great that games other than NLH are going to get tv exposure – this is a positive step forward for poker. Here’s my take on the line-up for the $25k event.

  • Luke Schwartz – still needs a trike and not a bike. I have taken all Bordy’s money – no harm in taking more!
  • Mike Sexton – a legend, he’s got gamble but I am going to punish him for failing to secure the delivery of the wine pallets he ordered on our extensive tour of vineyards at WPT Slovakia.
  • Max Pescatori – this Italian is going broke – he may not be a pirate anymore but I am. Avoid the horn of Africa Max. Bunga! Bunga!
  • Matt Giannetti – he’s good but not as good as Martin Zasko. Hellmuth loves him too much, he talked about him every second in the live stream at WPT Malta. I’m not sure that’s a good thing Matt.
  • Andrew Feldman – he used to be a paper boy – I gave him his break in tv poker. Don’t try and bum hunt me online at 4am in the morning Andrew.
  • Andy Frankenberger – smart guy but you cannot run good forever – you know i was a forex trader once Andy?
  • Ben Carpenter – no idea, supposed to be mouthy – he’s qualified? We’ll see.
  • Yevgeniy Timoshenko – unlike Schwartz he’s progressed from a trike to a bike. Glory days over Timmy?
  • Sorel Mizzi – is he cut from the top or bottom of the pack? He could do with the guiding hand of Tony G.
  • James Dempsey – I remember him from Australia. He just needs to remember that I was pushing the organizers to pick Martin Zasko instead of him.
  • Jennifer Tilly – she said in this clip why she is quitting poker. Like Hellmuth I think her more mainstream appeal is great for the game, whatever the purist might say. I don’t want to push her into retirement quicker than she anticipated but it will probably be unavoidable.

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