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The massive POWERFEST continued on April 12 and it was another day of intense action. While Pablo Brito Silva was busy winning the 2020 Irish Open Main Event, Team Online’s Jordan “The_Undecided” Drummond was on his way securing a POWERFEST title!

POWERFEST: $200K Gtd 8-Max PKO

Some 204 players ponied up the $1,050 buy-in in the $200,000 Gtd 8-Max PKO event on April 12 to ensure the guarantee was hit. When the dust settled on this event, it was one of our own who was the only players remaining.

Jordan “The_Undecided” Drummond is the newest member of Team Online and has already put in some superb results. This was one his better results as he took down the tournament for $16,444 plus a cool $28,340 worth of bounties.

A large chunk of that bounty payment came from eliminating “N0GUTSNOGlory” heads-up. Second-place yielded $16,424 plus $5,898 from the bounty prize pool.

Shout out also to Team partypoker’s Kristen “Krissyb24” Bicknell who navigated her way to the final table. Bicknell came unstuck in sixth-place, a finish worth $4,663 plus an additional payment of $3,767.


Place Player Prize
1 Jordan “The_Undecided” Drummond $16,444 $28,340
2 N0GUTSNOGloryAA $16,424 $5,898
3 CalmDownMan $11,715 $10,676
4 Quantum_Leap $8,661 $2,665
5 Didit1337 $6,107 $4,290
6 Kristen “Krissyb24” Bicknell $4,663 $3,767
7 SonOfPunt $3,442 $1,495
8 PunchlineEnBata $2,553 $4,875

POWERFEST: Big Game $1M Gtd Phase Final

“onehundredeyez” banked one of the biggest prizes at partypoker on April 12 thanks to triumphing in the final phase of the $1 million guaranteed Big Game. The Big Game received the POWERFEST treatment and beat its guarantee by more than $300,000.

Victory in this event was worth a colossal $241,082, almost $70,000 more than second-place. The $174,451 runner-up prize is now nestled in the partypoker account of “Discipline13”.

One other player won a six-figure prize. That was third-place finisher “Kanchenjunga” who got their hands on $122,358.

Place Player Prize
1 onehundredeyez $241,082
2 Discipline13 $174,451
3 Kanchenjunga $122,358
4 GimmeHummus $89,043
5 HugoBarbaro $62,996
6 PauliBet $47,247
7 nobodyknowsnanda $33,315
8 TheseApples $24,229

POWERFEST: $500K Gtd Phase Final

The POWERFEST: $500K Gtd Phase Final was another star-studded affair and any of those who reached the final table would have been a worthy champion.

2019 MILLIONS Online champion “frenchsniperrr” reached the final table but had to make do with the $9,620 seventh-place prize, the final score not to weigh in at five-figures.

“Unluckymelon” finished second in a big buy-in event on Friday and reached the final table here. This tournament ended in sixth-place worth $13,728.

Two other high stakes regulars made it into the tournament’s top three. “StrawberryGirl” crashed in in third for $40,835 which left “DasIstMirWurst” heads-up against “Super-Saiyain”. The latter came out of the one-on-one battle unscathed and with the $86,181 top prize in two. Our runner-up scooped a $61,729 consolation prize.

Place Player Prize
1 Super-Saiyajin $86,181
2 DastIstMirWurst $61,729
3 StrawberryGirl $40,835
4 I am there $27,357
5 GringoSSa $19,390
6 unluckymelon $13,728
7 frenchsniperrr $9,620
8 estupidocinco $6,513

SPINS Your Way To Glory

More massive events are coming your way this week thanks to POWERFEST being extended until April 19th! Buy into the events, which you can see here, direct, win your way in via a satellite, pay for your entry with tournament dollars, or SPINS your way in for only $5. Whatever you do, play in some of the tournaments!

Multiplier 1st place prize Frequency in 1M games
2 $10 cash 651,227
3 $15 cash 257,202
4.4 $22 POWERFEST ticket 75,000
11 $55 POWERFEST ticket 10,000
21.8 $109 POWERFEST ticket 5,000
64 $320 POWERFEST ticket 1,000
106 $530 POWERFEST ticket 500
210 $1,050 POWERFEST ticket 50
420 $2,100 POWERFEST ticket 20
1,040 $5,200 POWERFEST ticket 1

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Will it be your alias adorning those pages once POWERFEST XI is done and dusted? Only you can make that happen.

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