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This weekend saw the final $200K Guaranteed Sunday tournament of 2013 take place at the partypoker felt, and what a fantastic spectacle it was. By the time late registration ended there were 1,204 entries and a huge prize pool of $240,800.

As usual, the tournament kicked off at 18:30GMT and the final table reached almost 10 hours later. Usually, the final table is played 10-handed, but WilhelmSream and v1nividivici busted at the same time (on different tables) leaving only nine players in with a chance of some glory.

$200k Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw (December 29, 2013)

Place Player Prize
1 nopallELIT_Why 1,038,179
2 Greasemike 194,254
3 empty
4 Kamisa 222,639
5 ImSooRnY123 177,727
6 dulek6969 427,183
7 Potrobot 1,546,177
8 Rofl_Lolboom 1,375,949
9 Oklahoma6 600,363
10 IKEA_ 423,756

It didn’t take too long for the first final table member to lose their chips and be awarded ninth place money. Kamisa lost all but 912 chips in a battle of the short stacks with ImSooRnY123 and this was not even enough to pay the 2,000 ante. nopallELIT_WHY raised to 40,000 in late position and when everyone else folded, he showed to Kamisa’s . Kamisa looked set to win some chips when the board ran , but a on the river ended any of those thoughts.

Exactly 20 hands later, dulek6969 crashed out of the tournament. One player folded before dulek6969 moved all-in for 204,704 chips at the 10,000/20,000/2,000a. Potrobot, from the next seat across, called and the rest of the active players got out of the way, which left dulek6969’s to go up against the mighty . Those sort of confrontations rarely end well for the smaller pair and this was the case in this match-up as the board ran out to send dule6969 to the sidelines.

Next to go was Greasemike who couldn’t get any momentum going at the final table. Down to 91,106 at the 12,500/25,000/2,500a level, Greasemike looked down at and moved all in. The action passed to Oklahomer6 in the big blind and receiving 2.21:1 on his money, made the call with . A six at both ends of the board was more than enough to bust Greasemike in seventh place, good for $6,140.40.

Six-handed play spanned 42 hands before ImSooRnY123 open-jammed for 12.5 big blinds in the cutoff seat with and was looked up by Rofl_Lolboom in the small blind who was holding . A ] flop propelled ImSooRnY123 into the lead and the turn kept him there. Just as ImSooRnY123 was looking forward to receiving the near 800,000 chip pot, the fell on the river to improve his opponent to a high two pair and resigned ImSooRnY123 to a sixth place finish.

Another 49 hands took place before the fifth place finisher was decided. ImSooRnY123’s departure in sixth place meant the surviving players had secured a five-figure payday and the first person to pick up this impressive sum was Oklahomer6. His all-in raise to 520,566 (13 big blinds) from under-the-gun was met with a three-bet all-in by IKEA_ to his direct left. Nobody else fancied tangling with the two all-in players and they quickly released their hands. Oklahomer6 showed and was in a bad shape against the of his sole opponent. Neither player improved on the board, meaning Oklahomer6’s tournament ended and the $10,956.40 fifth place prize was his.

Fourth place went to Rofl_Lolboom who decided the best way to play with a 22 big blind stack under-the-gun was to move all-in. Usually, this would win the blinds and antes, but this time nopallELIT_WHY snap-called in the small blind with . By the river the board read which was void of fours or drama and the tournament was down to three players.

The last three players played on for around 20-minutes before opting to discuss a deal for the remaining prize pool. It was a deal that greatly benefited nopallELIT_WHY because he lost all but two big blinds of his stack a couple of hands later.

The final hand took place at 06:15am GMT and saw nopallELIT_WHY move all-in for 127,972 chips, Potrobot re-shove and IKEA_ call off his stack. Potrobot, who covered both players, turned over , IKEA_ the and nopallELIT_WHY . The last five community cards of the tournament fell to improve Potrobot to a set of eights, bust the oother two players and leave Potorbot’s name at the top of the leader board.

$200k Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (December 29, 2013)

Place Player Prize
1 Potrobot $28,351.20*
2 IKEA_ $31,000.00*
3 nopallELIT_WHY $28,300*
4 Rofl_Lolboom $13,364.40
5 Oklahomer6 $10,956.40
6 ImSooRnY123 $8,548.40
7 Greasemike $6,140.40
8 dulek6969 $3,973.20
9 Kamisa $2,769.20
10 v1nividivici $2,167.20

*denotes a three-handed deal


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