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Partypoker player Michael “Lundsgaard” Lundsgaard can celebrate Christmas in stye after taking down the $200K Guaranteed Sunday for a whopping $45,396.00.

Lundesgaard started the 10-handed final table as the second shortest stack and in need of a double up to stay in contention for the bigger prizes on offer.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw

Seat Player Chips
1 Mr.Ingenious 661,116
2 munchenHB 873,125
3 MechupoEldedo 314,727
4 Assad91 1,349,000
5 Lundesgaard 247,478
6 Flojoe90 208,756
7 Gylbert1964 679,171
8 LasseFlush 541,388
9 IronNebula 735,833
10 A_Ransey_A 188,406

He almost doubled his stack when he sent Flojoe90 to the rail within the first orbit of play. The action folded to Lundesgaard in middle position and he opened jammed his 10 big blind stack with and was called by Flojoe90 and his ; Flojoe90 only had eight big blinds at his disposal. The final board ran out to gift Lundesgaard a straight, busting Flojoe90 as a result.

Seven hands later, during the 12,500/25,000/2,500a level, IronNebula raised to 50,000 from under-the-gun and then called when A_Ramsey_A three-bet all-in for 268,406 from the next seat across. It was one of tournament poker’s many coinflips, with IronNebula holding a slight advantage with his coming up against . The flop left A_Ramsay_A drawing to running clubs so when the appeared on the turn he was drawing dead. The inconsequential river completed the hand and busted A_Ramsay_A.

Next to be eliminated was MechupoEldedo who was sent to the rail by Lundesgaard. The action passed around to MechupoEldedo on the button and he pushed all-in for 169,727 with the . Lundesgaard made the call in the big blind with and got fortunate when the five community cards fell to give him a straight and bust MechupEldedo in eighth place.

Lundesgaard then doubled to almost 900,000 when his held against the of Mr.Ingenious in what proved to be a real turning point in the tournament.

LasseFlush became the seventh place finisher when he open-shoved for 16 bib blinds in early position with and was looked up by munchenHB on the button with the dominating . LasseFlush caught a five on the flop of the board, but as you can see, munchenHB rivered a king to send LasseFlush to the rail.

Seven hands later, the largest pot of the tournament at that point went down. Mr.Ingenious raised to 60,000 in the hijack, munchenHB three-bet to 134,850 from the cutoff. With the action back on Mr.Ingenious, he pushed all in for 1,263,813 in total and munchenHB called. Mr.Ingenous flipped over and munchenHB . munchenHB’s queens remained the best hand on the flop and he looked set to become the chip leader. That was until the landed on the turn, which left munchenHB drawing to the case queen. The completed the board, munchenHB busted and Mr.Ingenious was left with a massive 2,440,738 stack.

Two orbits of the tables later and another coinflip involving queen took place that resulted in IronNebula losing his tournament life. Gylbert1964 min-raised to 60,000 under-the-gun, next to act was IronNebula and he moved all in for 277,416 in total with and Gylbert1964 called with . Gylbert1964 improved to a set on the board and soared past the one million chips barrier.

Four-handed play lasted almost 60 hands before a short-stacked Mr.Ingenious moved all-in for slightly more than three big blinds with . Lundesgaard called from the small blind with and Gylbert1964 over-called in the big blind. The flop came down , Lundesgaard led for 250,000 and Gylbert1964 folded. Lundesgaard showed , which held when the turn and river came and .

The tournament ended soon after with a three-way all-in and a double elimination, which is something of relative rarity. Gylbert1964 raised to 100,000 on the button, <strongAssad91 moved all-in for 1,040,122 only to see Lundesgaard jam all-in for 3,171,643. Gylbert1964 then called off his remaining chips and the cards were revealed.


By the river the board read , leaving Lundesgard’s pocket tens as the best hand and ending the tournament!

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Lundesgaard $45,396.00
2 Gylbert1965 $24,094.80
3 Assad91 $15,248.40
4 Mr.Ingenious $12,920.40
5 IronNebula $10,592.40
6 munchenHB $8,264.40
7 LasseFlush $5,936.40
8 MechupoEldedo $3,841.20
9 A_Ramsey_A $2,677.20
10 Flojoe90 $2,095.20

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