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PokerFestIII has to some been a whirlwind romance of Poker. I mean just ask luckyduck456 who cashed back to back for a combined sum of $180,000! With the PokerFest III proving to be a real hit with all of you at home here’s a mini round up who won what over the last couple of PokerFest-III days.

More Money…No Problems…

Event #37 Gtd:$750 – Game:NLH – Buy-in 5 Points Winner – lAnthonyElisa
Event #38 Gtd:$2,000 – Game:NLH Rebuy – Buy-in $0.5 Winner – Herr_Starr
Event #39 Gtd:$20,000 – Game:NLH Rebuy – Buy-in $6 Winner – flip14me
Event #40 Gtd:$70,000 – Game:NLH Rebuy – Buy-in $54 Winner – leifik73
Event #41 Gtd:$500 – Game:PLO Speed – Buy-in 5 Points Winner – nick2713
Event #42 Gtd:$1,000 – Game:PLO Speed Rebuy – Buy-in $0.5 Winner – OMGitsJo
Event #43 Gtd:$7,500 – Game:PLO Speed Rebuy – Buy-in $6 Winner – cynpokerstar
Event #44 Gtd:$35,000 – Game:PLO Speed Rebuy- Buy-in $54 Winner – flolle96
Event #46 Gtd:$750 – Game:NLH Heads Up Speed – Buy-in $0.5 Winner – Gumbald2009
Event #47 Gtd:$7,500 – Game:NLH Heads Up Speed – Buy-in $6 Winner – vitalij300
Event #48 Gtd:$25,000 – Game:NLH Heads Up Speed- Buy-in $54 Winner – laudrup85

Pokerfest III Concludes With $1.5 Million Guaranteed This Sunday 5th May

Our fantastic Pokerfest III exciting two week online poker festival featuring NLH, PLO and FLH will conclude this Sunday 5th May with four events including the $640 buy-in showpiece $1.5 million guaranteed at 19.30 CET! Of course one player to look out for this coming Sunday is the infamous ‘Luckyduck456’ who won both events 31 and 36 last Sunday scooping a combined $180,000 in the process.

Huge Guarantees As We Finish Off In Style!

And word has it that “Further highlights of the final three days of Pokerfest III include a $100,000 guaranteed $108 buy-in NLH Speed Rebuy at 21.00 CET on Friday, a $75,000 guaranteed $215 buy-in NLH Bounty at 21.00 CET on Saturday and a $60,000 guaranteed $33 NLH tournament at 18.00 CET on Sunday” So make sure to ‘check out the lobby to find the very cost effective routes of obtaining a seat to all these events’ Good Luck!

Now Is The Time, So Get Your Name Up Here!

Okay we are now officialy over half way down the poker-road known as PokerFestIII, have you got your name up there yet? Don’t worry if you didn’t there’s still lots more events to play in PokerFestIII! Now go check out the full PokerFestIII schedule right here on PartyPoker. And of course you need to make sure to let us know how you all get on by Liking us on Facebook and Following us on Twitter.


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