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The Grand Prix Spring series is confined to the PartyPoker history books after the crowning of the three Main Event champions. All three Main Event winners can be incredibly proud of their incredible achievements, but we feel that “PiraKids” is the happier of the tournament-winning trio, thanks to taking home more than $39,000 and the $55 buy-in Grand Prix Spring Main Event title.

The $55 buy-in Grand Prix Spring Main Event drew in a bumper crowd of 5,660 entrants, who ensured the $250,000 was batted out of the park by some $38,000. The top 834 finishers shared that juicy pot, including our very own Matt “MatthewStaples” Staples, who finished 343rd for $147.

By the time the nine-handed final table was set, none of the surviving players could take home less than $2,766. That is the sum awarded to the ninth-place finisher, “DownChunks.” Eighth place went to “Jake.Paul” ($3,478) before the elimination of “pilezcallme” ($4,484), left only six players in contention to become the Main Event’s champion.

Those six became five when “V4luueStonks” bowed out ($5,874), followed by “TenthTale” ($8,101), the latter reeling in the tournament’s last four-figure sum. Fourth place and $11,967 went to “||04 07 2012||”, with the Grand Prix Spring Main Event progressing to the heads-up stage following the elimination of “serious again” ($17,871).

Nobody would have batted an eyelid had the last-standing duo decided to end the tournament with a deal because there was a difference in prize money of more than $13,000. However, there was no such deal, and the Main Event ended traditionally. When the dust had settled on the PartyPoker virtual felt, PiraKids had all of the chips in play and an account balance that had swelled by $39,607. “BoBelleMP” received $26,589 for their second-place finish.

Grand Prix Spring Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 PiraKids $39,607
2 BoBelleMP $26,589
3 serious again $17,871
4 II04 07 2012|| $11,967
5 TenthTale $8,101
6 V4luueStonks $5,874
7 pilezcallme $4,484
8 Jake.Paul $3,478
9 DownChunks $2,766

“CurryChips” Smothers Opposition in the Mini Main Event

The $11 buy-in Grand Prix Spring Mini Main Event was the biggest Main Event, at least regarding the number of entrants. Some 7,165 players flocked to PartyPoker, creating a $71,650 prize pool as a result, far greater than the advertised $50,000 guarantee. Some 1,048 players received a slice of the pie, although “CurryChips” banked the largest payout, namely $9,709; imagine winning more than 970x your initial investment!

Only two of the nine finalists did not take home a four-figure haul from this tournament. “Sitting-0ut” and “TheNizzleRat99” being that duo, although $662 and $835 are not sums of money to be sniffed at.

Before CurryChips defeated “Mvpoker” heads-up, “Startuppoker” ($1,073), “Krixoo” ($1,425), “Forgando” ($1,981), and “Barry Laser” ($2,928) crashed and burned. “Wenceslas88” busted in third ($4,375) before Mvpoker had to make do with a $6,511 consolation prize.

Grand Prix Spring Mini Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 CurryChips $9,709
2 Mvpoker $6,511
3 Wenceslas88 $4,375
4 Barry Laser $2,928
5 Forgando $1,981
6 Krixoo $1,425
7 Startuppoker $1,073
8 TheNizzleRat99 $835
9 Sitting-0ut $662

Micro Main Event Ends in a Heads-Up Chop

The $2.20 Micro Main Event saw 4,518 players buy in, which left a small overlay on the $10,000 guarantee, although that added money meant more value for the 637 players that progressed to Day 2.

After a long battle on Day 2, only two players had chips in front of them, each vying for the title of champion and the bankroll-boosting prize that came with such an accolade. It was not surprising when the heads-up duo agreed upon a deal that saw the tournament brought to an earlier-than-expected conclusion.

“vengrPT” is the player that will forever be known as the Grand Prix Spring Micro Main Event champion; they banked $1,290 as part of the aforementioned deal. “SAFADA0” reeled in $1,117 for their second-place finish.

Grand Prix Spring Micro Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 vengrPT $1,290*
2 SAFADA0 $1,117*
3 FelipeBRL $651
4 xS3mMiMiMix $436
5 japafrake77 $295
6 leandron10 $219
7 tank62 $169
8 Samiedeouf $129
9 carica212 $102

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