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Poker is not a hazardous sport and that is why some people get into it but hanging with your poker buddies can be very dangerous.

Last year’s World Open winner Phil Laak almost lost his life when he went ATV-ing with his friend, Antonio Esfandiari.

The group went bezerker and The Unabomber ended up in a hospital with 7 broken bones and some plastic plates in his eyes. Pretty painful stuff he was describing as he was showing his injuries in the video below. But, thankfully, Phil Laak is ok now and he will completely recover in a few weeks.

We spent a good 20 minutes talking about random stuff so the video we prepped will be featured every week because Phil had some interesting things to say to us – of course we went straight down to gossip – I am a girl after all – and took some time to comment on Andrew Robl‘s hair as that was the topic of all conversations during his heat – Robl is the new trendsetter.

The Unabomber did not lose his time – after the accident he decided to change his life and his hair so he did something he dreamed about for the last few years – got himself a mohawk!

Will the new hairstyle and the fact he is going for the same strategy during the World Open like last year work for him? Well I hope they do because we sure love to see The Unabomber on TV! Stay tuned.


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