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Where has my life gone? I’ve seen the inside of the Palm Beach Casino, I’ve seen the inside of the Tube and a couple of cabs. I’ve seen the inside of the commentary box and my pillow before it hits my head. And I’ve seen hundreds of hands in poker.

What a great week. Last night it was a carnival inside the Palm Beach in London, with John Tabatabai holding court and Phil Laak in flying form.

Psychic powers of the cards

Since his extreme sports snowmobiling accident, Laak has been a different man. He’s got a red Mohawk, red sunglasses, a Union Jack cast where his arm used to be, and psychic powers of the cards.

Sorel Mizzi has postulated that Laak is like John Travolta from the movie Phenomenon, where hitting his head has caused him to take on supernatural powers. He doesn’t yet speak Portuguese, but running a Mississippi slide bluff against Huck Seed and losing only one blind with the queens against the kings are well within his reach.

Another guy who’s holding court in the land of the Gods is John Duthie, Mr. Big. He played three of the sickest hands I’ve ever seen, like Stu Ungar in his full flung prime. I had the pleasure of watching his post Modern expressionist style of poker with James Akenhead and Pras Bansi.

We had a great day out, highlighted by one of the most interesting hands I have seen in a while. You could see it coming. And you could throw logic out the window. When British young gun John Eames did what any expert would have done, you just knew Duthie was going to wrap him up. And Akenhead and Bansi also saw it coming. It pays to be one step ahead of the curve. Picasso was.

Show 12 (September 9) is online now! Click the play button to listen:

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