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It was only a few days ago that Team partypoker’s Patrick Leonard raised almost $1,600 for charity on the partypoker Twitch channel. Now you get to see Leonard in action again because he has navigated his way to the final table of the $1 million guaranteed MILLIONS Online KO Edition Main Event and will be showcasing his skills from 21:00 BST alongside eight other talented finalists.

Some 1,249 players bought into the MILLIONS Online KO Edition Main Event and created a guarantee-busting $1,249,000 prize pool. A massive chunk of that pot is still up for grabs and Leonard is vying to get his hands on the lion’s share.

Leonard returns to the action armed with a healthy 163,986,599 stack, which is enough for third place at the restart. In addition, Leonard has already secured $14,484 in bounties and has locked up at least $8,103 from the main prize pool.

All nine finalists have reached this stage on merit and can be immensely proud of making it this far. Christopher Frank is the chip leader when play resumes. Frank has been in this position many times during his career and will be difficult to catch having amassed 344,221,722 chips, some 123 million more than his nearest rival, Felipe Boianovsky (231,834,844) of Brazil.

Just below Leonard is where you find Ignas Vaitulionis (156,865,086) with Malta’s Matthias Lipp (108,949,591) in fifth place and the only other player at the final table to sit down behind more than 100 million chips.

The shorter stacks are most certainly not out of contention thanks to the long 30-minute levels, which gives them ample opportunities to pick their spots. Akseli Paalanen of Finland (92,153,476) is the deepest stack of the chasing pack, while Patrick Hyllegaard (70,819,738) has enough chips to damage the leaders.

Boris Angelov (38,030,069) and Omar Adel Abo Seria Mohammed Baiou (34,490,713) bring up the rear with sub-15 big blinds stacks.

Play resumes at 20:30 BST on May 31 and continues until only one player has al the chips in their stack. That person wins a $79,908 main prize pool prize in addition to a bounty payout that is sure to be of a similar size if not larger. Of course, they also get to call themselves the MILLIONS Online KO Edition Main Event champion.

MILLIONS Online KO Final Table

Tune into the partypoker Twitch channel from 21:00 BST to watch the action unfold. Can Leonard get the job done? We do not have long to wait to find out.

MILLIONS Online KO Main Event Final Table

Place Player Country Bounties Chips
1 Christopher Frank Austria $16,251 344,221,722
2 Felipe Boianovsky Brazil 231,834,844
3 Patrick Leonard United Kingdom $14,484 163,986,599
4 Ignas Vaitulionis Ireland $9,417 156,865,086
5 Matthias Lipp Malta $6,437 108,949,591
6 Akseli Paalanen Finland $11,656 92,153,476
7 Patrick Hyllegaard Denmark $7,656 70,819,738
8 Boris Angelov Bulgaria $2,375 38,030,069
9 Omar Adel Abo Seria Mohammed Baiou Denmark $5,265 34,490,713

Maczka The Man To Catch In The Mini Main Event

The MILLIONS Online KO Edition Mini Main Event has reached its final day and only 16 of the 5,916 starters remain in contention to become the tournament’s champion. A cool $32,854 plus bounties and bragging rights awaits the winner, and Joseph Maczka is the man in pole position when play resumes at 20:30 BST on May 31.

Maczka funds himself armed with 765,687,238 chips and looks set to be the first player to enjoy a one billion chip stack.

Keep an eye on the player currently residing in fifth place, a certain Alex Kulev. He has been in incredible form for the past few months and has won two prizes in excess of $200,000 in each of his last two months. Kulev is armed with a war chest of 449,365,095 chips and has $2,513 worth of bounties in tow.

MILLIONS Online KO Mini Main Event Final Day Chip Counts

Place Player Country Bounties Chips
1 Joseph Maczka United Kingdom $1,832 765,687,238
2 Dotun Lawal United Kingdom $3,184 638,311,794
3 Graham Clarkson United Kingdom $1,097 583,003,758
4 Vitor Rangel Brazil $1,649 505,831,794
5 Alex Kulev Ireland $2,513 449,365,095
6 Blaz Zerjav Slovenia $2,462 440,365,185
7 Kahki Mrelasvili Germany $1,028 387,504,867
8 Paul Hizer United Kingdom $278 376,098,812
9 Alessandro Siena Malta $1,229 343,511,838
10 Felix Ahlers Germany $3,326 332,908,695
11 Steven Simpson United Kingdom $981 248,639,592
12 Jorge De Matteo Brazil $2,287 229,784,335
13 Lucas Roberto Rigos Brazil $1,292 179,853,208
14 Gonzalo Villaneuva Argentina $1,704 145,941,841
15 Norbert Farago Hungary $915 102,747,570
16 Alysson Bruno Brazil $987 78,688,382

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