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Team partypoker’s Patrick Leonard joined the highly entertaining “MaximusBlack” of Team Online fame for the latest instalment of the Saturday Live Sessions, live on the partypoker Twitch channel this weekend.

Patrick decided to put a twist on proceedings by using the session to raise money for charity. While Patrick and MaximusBlack got their grind on in six tournaments online partypoker, Patrick pledged to give away all of his cashes in addition to additional money whenever certain things happened at the table.

The charity received $10 for every pocket pair that found its way into Patrick’s starting hand, $50 for each opponent he eliminated, $100 each time he hit a set, a $1,000 if he made quads.

Adding another dimension to the stream was the fact Patrick played with one hole card exposed to MaximusBlack! The two clashed during the $320 buy-in Bounty Hunter tournament where Patrick used his exposed card to his advantage. He min-raised from the button with the showing, MaximusBlack three-bet to 7.0 big blinds from the big blind, and Patrick called. The flop fell , MaximusBlack led for 7.6 big blinds, and Patrick raised to 17.5 big blinds, commentating that he could represent having ace-five or five-six for the straight. MaximusBlack didn’t believe Patrick and he called.

The turn was the and both players checked. MaximusBlack fired a 25.1 big blind bet on the turn only for Patrick to move all-in. MaximusBlack quickly called and busted with the in his hand!

By the end of his session, Patrick had raised $860 from things that happened at the table plus an additional $732 in cashes, meaning he raised $1,592 for charity.

  • $10 for each pocket pair x 16 = $160
  • $50 for each knockout x 6 = $300
  • $100 for each set x 4 = $400

The money raised goes to the ENTAIN Foundation, which recently supported Ukraine using Crown Agents, who are on the ground in Ukraine providing medical supplies where they are needed. You can learn more about the Entain Foundation here, and Crown Agents here.

If you missed the Live Sessions stream, you can check it out in the video above. Don’t forget to regularly tune into the partypoker Twitch channel for fun, exciting content around the clock.

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