Team partypoker’s Patrick Leonard padded his bankroll with more than $12,000 and became a WPTWOC event winner in the process.

Leonard was one of 306 entrants in the $215 buy-in WPT 8-Max: $50K Gtd. Only 40 places were paid, so spare a little thought for Mortan Holm Schwartson of the Faroe Islands who busted in 41st place and burst the money bubble.

Renato Nomura saw his tournament end in a 29th place finish worth $581. Others who cashed included Viktor Ustimov, Christophe De Meulder, Fabio Sperling, Barry Hutter, Lars Kamphues, Roman Matveichuk, and final table bubble boy Jerry Odeen.

Each of the eight finalists secured at least $1,288 for their efforts. Augustin Hagen, Diogo Gomes, and Matthieu Rodriguez were the final table’s first casualties. Pablo Roman followed Rodriguez to the rail before Sweden’s Alexander Ivarsson fell in fourth-place for $4,498.

Joshua Hoesel, from his base in Mexico, crashed and burned in third for $6,141 which left Leonard and Istvan Habencius to fight it out for the title and the tournament’s $12,079 top prize.

Leonard defeated his Hungarian opponent and helped himself to the lion’s share of the $61,200 prize pool. Habencius banked $8,753 for his impressive runner-up finish.

WPT 8-Max: $50K Gtd Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Patrick Leonard United Kingdom $12,079
2 Istvan Habencius Hungary $8,753
3 Joshua Hoesel Mexico $6,141
4 Alexander Iversson Sweden $4,498
5 Pablo Roman Argentina $3,182
6 Matthieu Rodriguez United Kingdom $2,386
7 Diogo Gomes Malta $1,683
8 Augustin Hagen Argentina $1,288

WPT 8-Max: $100K Gtd Final Table Results

The $1,050 buy-in WPT 8-Max: $100K Gtd final table was a star-studded affair and one of the game’s biggest stars emerged victoriously from it.

Andras Nemeth outlasted 101-opponents to turn his $1,050 into $24,454. Nemeth defeated Chris Hunichen heads-up, leaving Hunichen to bank $17,528.

Team Online’s Matthew Staples reached the final table, outlasting the likes of Gregorie Auzoux, Tamas Adamszki, and the Swedish star that is Simon Mattsson. Staples came unstuck in fifth-place, which netted the popular Twitch streamer $6,630.

Staples also managed a third-place finish in the $215 WPT 6-Max Turbo: $50K Gtd PKO for $5,229, a tournament won by Steven Van Zadelhoff.

Special mentions also to Csaba Szasz of Hungary and Andres Gonzalez who finished fourth and third in this tournament for $8,925 and $12,535 respectively.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Andras Nemeth Hungary $24,454
2 Chris Hunichen Costa Rica $17,528
3 Andres Gonzalez United Kingdom $12,535
4 Csaba Szasz Hungary $8,925
5 Matthew Staples Canada $6,630
6 Simon Mattsson Sweden $5,100
7 Tamas Adamszki Hungary $4,335
8 Gregorie Auzoux Malta $3,621

Other Recent WPTWOC Event Winners

  • Jan-Eric Schwippert – first-place in the WPT Second Chance PKO: $100K Gtd for $26,707*
  • Ramiro Petrone – first-place in WPT 7-Max $100K Gtd for $25,325
  • Corne Scheel – first-place in the WPT 6-Max Knockout: $100K Gtd for $25,063*
  • Chris Hunichen – first-place in the WPT 7-Max Knockout: $100K Gtd for $22,564*
  • Joao De Brito – first-place in the WPT Mini Second Chance PKO: $75K Gtd for $15,463*
  • Aleksei Churbanov – first-place in the WPT 7-Max: $50K Gtd for $11,831
  • Luis Arodriques Dono – first-place in the WPT Mini 7-Max Knockout: $75K Gtd for $11,088*
  • Lucas Santana – first-place in the WPT Mini 6-Max Knockout: $75K Gtd for $11,058*
  • Alik Zazian – first-place in the WPT Mix-Max Turbo: $50K Gtd PKO for $10,064*
  • Steven Van Zadelhoff – first-place in the WPT 6-Max Turbo: $50K Gtd PKO for $9,055*
  • Georgios Zisimopoulos – first-place in the WPT Knockout Turbo: $50K Gtd for $8,748*
  • Carlos Pal – first-place in the WPT Mini 8-Max: $20K Gtd for $3,849
  • Dmitriy Yashchuk – first-place in the WPT Mini 7-Max: $25K Gtd for $3,808
  • Matteo Galeazzi – first-place in the WPT Mini Knockout Turbo: $20K Gtd for $2,923*
  • Jochum Weenink – first-place in the WPT Mini 6-Max Turbo: $20K Gtd PKO for $2,705*
  • Angelo Mirabella – first-place in the WPT Mini Mix-Max Turbo: $20K Gtd for $2,136*

*includes bounty payments

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