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Team partypoker’s Anatoly FIlatov triumphed over 915 opponents in the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Russia Main Event to get his hands on the equivalent of $885,106, and ensuring the winner’s trophy stayed on home soil.

partypoker LIVE MILLONS Russia Final Table Results

MILLIONS Russia Final Table

MILLIONS Russia Final Table

Place Player Prize (RUB) Prize (USD)
1 Anatoly Filatov RUB 60,000,000 $885,106
2 Gor Kazaryan RUB 39,000,000 $575,319
3 Andrey Malyshev RUB 26,730,000 $394,315
4 Viktor Khodorenko RUB 18,000,000 $265,532
5 Alexey Melnikov RUB 12,000,000 $177,021
6 Gleb Tremzin RUB 8,400,000 $123,914
7 Mikhail Galitskiy RUB 6,000,000 $88,510
8 Konstantin Uspenskii RUB 4,200,000 $61,957

Some 119 players navigated their way into the money, including some of the game’s elite grinders. The likes of Team partypoker’s Philipp Gruissem (101st), Vladimir Troyanovskiy (58th), Timothy Adams (45th), Andrey Pateychuk (35th), Artem Metalidi (27th), and Niall Farrell (14th) were just some of the household names to show a return on their buy-in.

The final day’s action started with 11 players in the hunt for the title, but they were soon whittled down to the official final table of eight. Chin Wie Lim was the unfortunate soul to burst the final table bubble, his four-bet all-in with being called by Viktor Khodorenko holding and a jack landing on the turn.

First blood to Filatov

Konstantin Uspenskii

Konstantin Uspenskii

It only took 11 hands of eight-handed play for the final table to lose its first player. With blinds of 1,200,000/2,500,000 and a button ante of 2,500,000, Khodorenko opened to 6 millon with , Filatov three-bet to 17 million with only to see Konstantin Uspenskii four-bet all-in for 29.3 million with . Only Filatov called and when the board ran it was game over for Uspenskii.

Mikhil Galitskiy bust sixteen hands later. Filatov opened with a raise to 6.5 million with and had an easy call to make when Galitskiy re-raised all-in for 81 million. Call Filatov did to find himself against . A final board reading saw Galitskiy’s tournament come to an abrupt end.

The remaining players gained some extra elbow room after the 35th hand of the final table because it resulted in Gleb Tremzin busting. Tremzin moved all-in for a shade over 10 big blinds with from under the gun, Andrey Malyshev called from the cutoff with , leaving himself only 800,000 chips behind, and Khodorenko called on the button with .

A flop reading saw Malyshev check. Kohdorenko bet 3 million and Malyshev called. The turn was followed by the river, which sent Tremzin to the rail and gave Malyshev a significant boost to his stack.

Filatov busts another foe

Five-handed play came to an end with the elimination of Alexey Melnikov at the hands of Team partypoker’s Filatov. With blinds now 2,000,000/4,000,000, Melnikov opened all-in for 50 million from the small blind with and Filatov looked him up from the big blind with . Melnikov looked like securing a much-needed double up to his stack until the landed on the river to spoil his day and gift Filatov yet another pot.

Viktor Khodorenko

Viktor Khodorenko

Khodorenko’s MILLIONS Russia Main Event ended in fourth-place and it was Filatov who sent him to the cashier’s desk. Gor Kazaryan min-raised to 10 million under the gun with , Khodorenko jammed all-in for 82 million from the small blind with only to see Filatov wake up in the big blind with and himself move all-in for 248 million. Kazaryan quickly folded and the dealer set about dealing the community cards, which were , improving Filatov to a set of queens and resigning Khodorenko to a fourth-place finish.

Filatov started to turn the screw and was the first of the three players to see their stack swell to 500 million. The other two players, however, kept pegging Filatov back and the tournament could easily have ended differently.

Filatov trails at the start of heads-up

Anatoly Filatov and Gor Kazaryan

Anatoly Filatov and Gor Kazaryan

Heads-up was set on the 200th hand of the final table when Malyshev open-shoved for slightly more than 11 big blinds with what turned out to be . Filatov asked the dealer for a count, processed the information and called with after using a time bank extension. Neither player improved their hand on the board, but Filatov’s eight-kicker came into play to send Malyshev home in third-place.

Kazaryan enjoyed a 534 million to 378 million chip advantage over our hero and he extended that lead in the early confrontations. Filatov managed to claw his way level and then took the lead on the 41st hand of one-on-one play and it was one-way traffic from that point on.

The 258th hand of the final table turned out to be the last of the tournament. Blinds were now 6,000,000/12,000,000 and Kazaryan limped with before calling when Filatov made it 27 million with . Both players watched on as the dealer spread the flop, a flop that Filatov check-called a 35 million bet on.

The turn improved Filatov to a straight and the ball was firmly in his court. Holding the nuts at the time, Filatov checked again, Kazaryan bet 55 million, Filatov check-raised all-in and Kazaryan called off his 271 million chips.

Only a nine or a queen would spoil things for Filatov, so when the completed the board, Kazaryan bust in second-place and Fa delighted Filatov secured his largest-ever tournament score and became the first Team partypoker player to win a MILLIONS Main Event.

The Next MILLIONS Main Event is…

The next chance you have to emulate Filatov’s epic victory is at the MILLIONS UK Main Event at Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham from October 1st. The £5,300 buy-in Main Event features a £5 million guaranteed prize pool and the first 100 players to buy into this event using PP LIVE Dollars will be entered into a $100,000 last longer bet for free!

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