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I recently spent time playing with the Northern Irish lads promoting the upcoming partypoker IRISH POKER MASTERS. These lads love the game and why an activity that crosses the political and religious divide in that part of the world is illegal is beyond comprehension. The craic was mighty as ever. A guy was telling us he was playing an event in a Dublin hotel which had been the scene of a gangland shooting a few weeks previously. There was still a couple of bullet holes in the reception desk and when he politely asked why they hadn’t been filled in, he was told the area was still a crime scene. One guy present offered the opinion that as the hotel was charging €179 per night it should be a permanent crime scene!

Another guy was complaining I’d been responsible for him getting knocked out of the Irish Open the previous year. He had been listening to a story I was telling when he thought he flopped the nuts and got all his money in. The problem is he had got so engrossed in the story, he got a little confused and thought he had the hole cards he had been holding in the previous hand. Somehow it was my fault! That’s the Northern Irish for you.

I also went to Paris for a few days to try to get a few French lads to join us in Killarney. Whilst there, I learnt that the ACF is going to reopen but under different management. It brought back memories of fun times in the late 90s with the likes of Devilfish and Jeff Duval providing the entertainment. One of my favourite stories from those days involved an Irish player called Francis who played a tourney on his first day in town. He was the only non-French player at the final table. He was first out and the French started to clap. He was furious and headed for the bar muttering obscenities. I suppose I should have told him that the French politely clapped every player knocked out at the final table but it was too much fun not to.

Killarney will feature a million guaranteed main event (buy-in €1150) and a bunch of side events of course. I am delighted that partypoker are again to generously sponsor our charity event which will benefit Brother Kevins feeding of the homeless and Pieta House’s battle against suicide. See you there!

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