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Day 10 of the $5 million guaranteed Monster Series played out at partypoker on October 30 and saw some juicy prize pools played for across 18 low and mid-stakes tournaments.

One tournament that smashed its guarantee was Monster-56-Mid-Stakes: $15K Gtd. This $11 buy-in event saw an impressive 2,601 players take to the felt and play for a share of a guaranteed $26,010, which was shared among the top 344 players, so spare a thought for “bonabh” who bust in 345th place to burst the money bubble.

partypoker’s Richard “RichyDubini” Dubini made it into the money, busting in 192nd place, but the serious money was reserved for those at the eight-handed final table where the least anyone could win was $265.30.

“boert666” fell in eighth-place and collected $265.30 and was followed to the rail by “ignasy,” “GeoGonzalo99,” “MarcoGambino,” “andrey07076,” and “JimmyJazz55.” These eliminations left “fiore1577” and “imantatop” to battle it out heads-up and it was the latter who emerged victorious from battle to get his hands on a cool $4,205.86.

Monster-56-Mid-Stakes: $15K Gtd Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 imantatop $4,205.86
2 fiore1577 $2,974.24
3 JimmyJazz55 $1,913.55
4 andrey07076 $1,271.88
5 MarcoGambino $884.34
6 GeoGonzalo99 $603.43
7 ignasy $416.16
8 boert666 $265.30

Several of the events on Day 10 are scheduled to play over two days and these will conclude today on Halloween.

Monster-57-Mid-Stakes: $40K Gtd 1R1A saw its 483-strong field whittled to a more manageable 21. These 21 surviving players are guaranteed $413.59 but there is a whopping $8,567.53 awaiting the eventual champion.

The micro edition of this tournament only cost $5.50 to enter but still managed to create a prize pool of $10,710. A massive field of 1,149 players bought in and now there are only 47 players remaining, one of which will win $1,826.70.

Monster-58-Mid-Stakes: $35K Gtd 6-Max and its micro edition with its $8K guarantee also play to conclusion today. The larger buy-in event now only has seven of the 1,220 entrants remaining while the lower buy-in sees 15 of the 2,228 entrants return to the fray.

Also to look forward to are the Main Event and Main Event Warm-Up tournament’s Day 1C, which are turbo structured tournaments. These take place at 12:00 ET / 16:00 GMT and will be completed in time for you to head into the Day 2 of these events at 15:30 ET / 19:30 GMT.

Monster Series Day 11 Events

Time (GMT) Tournament Buy-in
15:00 Monster-63-Mid-Stakes: $40K Gtd $33
15:00 Monster-63-Micro: $7.5K Gtd $3.30
16:00 Monster-46-Mid-Stakes: $400K Gtd Main Event Day 1C turbo $109
16:00 Monster-46-Micro: $100K Gtd Main Event Day 1C turbo $11
16:00 Monster-49-Mid-Stakes: $1M Gtd Main Event Day 1C turbo $215
16:00 Monster-49-Micro: $300K Gtd Main Event Day 1C turbo $22
16:00 Monster-64-Mid-Stakes: $35K Gtd 6-Max PKO 20% $22
16:00 Monster-64-Micro: $6K Gtd 6-Max PKO 20% $2.20
17:00 Monster-65-Mid-Stakes: $50K Gtd $44
17:00 Monster-65-Micro: $15K Gtd $4.40
19:00 Monster-66-Mid-Stakes: $60K Gtd 6-Max $55
19:00 Monster-66-Micro: $15K Gtd 6-Max $5.50
19:00 Monster-67-Mid-Stakes: $30K Gtd PLO8 6-Max [2 Day Event] $33
19:00 Monster-67-Micro: $5K Gtd PLO8 6-Max [2 Day Event] $3.30
20:00 Monster-68-Mid-Stakes: $30K Gtd 4xRebuy Turbo $11
20:00 Monster-68-Micro: $6K Gtd 4xRebuy Turbo $1.10
21:00 Monster-69-Mid-Stakes: $30K Gtd 6-Max [2 Day Event] $22
21:00 Monster-69-Micro: $6K Gtd 6-Max [2 Day Event] $2.20
23:00 Monster-70-Mid-Stakes: $25K Gtd PKO 33% Turbo $44
23:00 Monster-70-Micro: $5K Gtd PKO 33% Turbo $4.40

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