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00:54 – Bagged and Tagged

Play has ended with 45 players and they are led by Gary Miller and his 118,700 stack. Close to Miller were Robert Bauy (105,200) and Nick Humphris (100,500).

Recap and top 10 chip counts to follow soon.

00:26 – Four More Hands

The dealers have been instructed to deal four more hands before play ends for the night.

00:21 – Big Pot For Humphis Sends Panteli Home

Many poker players say that in order to win poker tournaments you need to win your coinflips, which is exactly what Nicholas Humphis has just done. We couldn’t catch the action but witnessed Michael Panteli heading for the rail and Humphis stacking a decent sized pile of chips. He’d got his chips in with pocket fours versus ace-queen and flopped a set.

00:12 – Slight Internet Problems

Apologies for the sporadic updates over the past level or so; the casino is packed to bursting and it is putting a strain on the internet connection that we have. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

00:02 – Renee Xie Crashes Out; Leaves Renata Jack As Last Woman in Flight 3

Renee Xie, a regular face on the UK poker circuit, has crashed out of the tournament and will not be progressing to Day 2. Xie busted on Flight 1 and couldn’t play Flight 2 due to other commitments, but returned this evening to locks horns with the boys and unfortunately it wasn’t her day.

Xie’s exit leaves Renata Jack as Flight 3’s last remaining female player. Jack is doing great. Having finished Flight 2 with a very healthy stack of 83,300, Jack is now sat with 45,300 and looks set to take more than 100,000 chips through to Saturday’s Day 2.

23:46 – Martin Loses Most of His Stack

A raise to 1,800 from Robert Martin is called by Nicholas Humphis in the next seat along. Humphis gets a little laugh from the table as he makes the call with three towers of yellow 25 denomination chips and three green 100 chips. The cutoff squeezes to 5,800 only to see Martin make it what looks like 12,000. Humphis folds, the cutoff shoves for 28,625 and Martin calls, turning over which finds itself up against the deadly .

The board is void of drama Martin hands over the majority of his stack.

23:31 – Penultimate Level Begins

The television screens around the room are displaying that it is now Level 7 and the blinds are 400/800 with a running ante of 100. We will play this level and Level 8 before the players will bag up their chips and play will end for the night.

23:24 – Multiple Entry Points

How many people took advantage of the accumulator format here in the partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes Main Event? Well, 87 players fired a single bullet, while 50 played in two flights and an impressive 20 turned up and played all three flights; let’s hope those 20 make it deep in the competition!

23:15 – Catalin Azoitei is Still Alive!

Catalin Azoitei is on cloud nine after scoring an unlikely double through Timoteos “Tim Tim” Timotheou moments ago. Timotheou raised, Azoitei three-bet all in for 7,800 and Timotheou called.

Timotheou turned over and had Azoitei’s crushed. That was until the flop came into view, gifting Azoitei to a set of tens. Azoitei stood to watch the rest of the community cards be dealt, first the and then the , keeping the set of tens in front and leaving Timotheou with 11,300 chips.

23:10 – Patrick Making a Contingency Plan

Poker players are not generally well-known for their forward planning away from the table, but Martin Patrick seems to be an exception. Patrick has 10,00 chips at his disposal  and it appears that he doesn’t fancy his chances of a spin up because he is pricing up train tickets for the early hours of Saturday morning.

22:53 – Flight 3 Figures

A total of 84 players chose to play in Flight 3, and at time of writing 66 of those have chips at their disposal.

22:47 – Hurst Gets Lucky and Doubles Through Bean

James Hurst, down to 5,000 chips at the 200/400/75 level, looks down at and decides the best way to play them is to move all in from early position. It is a move that looks set to pick up the blinds and antes; that is until Stephen Bean re-shoves for 11,800 from the small blind.



Bean has the advantage preflop, but the flop improves Hurst to a pair of tens. However, Bean can now hit an ace, king or jack to win the hand. The turn is the followed by the river, Hurst’s pair of tens hold and he doubles up.

22:42 – Squeezy Does It For Michulec

Fabian Donovan opens to 1,100 and is called by the button. Grzegorz Michulec is in the big blind and he squeezes to 3,800 and both of his opponents fold.Easy game.

22:31 – And We’re Back

The players are back from their break and ready to play out the final four levels of the night.

22:10 – Have a Break

Level 4 has ended and the players have been sent on a 20 minute break.

22:06 – Spraggons Flying High 

Ben Spraggons opened to 700 from middle position, Timotheos “Tim Tim” Timeotheou calls in the hijack and the small blind comes along for the ride, too. The first three community cards fall and the small blind checks. Spraggons tests the waters with an 800 bet and both of his opponents fold.

“You’re a bully!” says the small blind, prompting Spraggons to show !

Spraggons has been running his table by the looks of it — and sound of it — and judging by his 54,000 chips in his stack.

21:59 – Player Correctly Folds Set of Aces!

While scouring the tournament floor looking for hands to report to you fine people back at home, Yves Farges approached and informed us that a player on his now broken table raised and flopped a set of aces, but managed to let them go when the board ran out with running spades. His opponent showed a flush, making the fold with the set of aces correct.

21:45 – Quad Kings For Brisland

Nichols Humphis opens to 650 from under-the-gun +1 and the action folds around to Andrew Brisland on the button. He calls, as does James Hurst in the big blind. The trio watch on as the dealer places the flop into view. Hurst and Humphis tap the table and check, Brisland bets 1,300 and only Humphis calls.

The turn sees Humphis check and Brisland quickly checked behind. The completed the board and Humphis led for 1,500. Brisland raised to what looked like 3,500 but we will never know because Humphis instantly folded, much to the dismay f Brisland who showed the table the for quad kings! We told you this was Brisland’s favourite venue!

21:25 – Repede Wins a Large Pot From Ladak

The action folds to Imran Ladak in the cutoff seat and he sets the price to play at 625. Vlad Repede, seated on the button, calls, as does Martin Patrick in the big blind.

Patrick checks to Ladak on the flop, Ladak bets 1,150 and only Repede calls. The turn is the and Ladak bets again, this time increasing the amount to 2,500. Repede counts out chips to call, then suddenly changes his mind and raises to 5,200. Ladak gives his options plenty of consideration before calling. The completes a myriad of draws and Ladak checks with a resigned look on his face. Repede takes around 40 seconds to act and when he does it is to bet 7,400 in a large tower that topples over and looks like a multicoloured snake. he dealer starts to count the chips, but there is no need because Ladak lets his hand go.

Repede showed [3x][3x] for a set of treys and Ladak looked happy with his decision to release his hand.

21:13 – Bottom Pair Good For Wimott

Ricki Wilmott opens from the button and is called by Lee Arnold in the big blind. Arnold then check-calls a 700 continuation bet on a flop, which happens to be the last of the betting action as both players check down the turn and river.

“I’ve got a four,” said Wilmott in a tone that suggested he is almost embarrassed by the fact. he need not be embarrassed, though because his is good enough to win the hand and take the pot.

21:05 – Eichhorn Flushes But Loses to a House

partypoker qualifier Rene Eichhorn has just lost his Flight 3 stack despite getting his money in good. It appears he got his stack into the middle on a flop that had more spades than a British beach on a hot summer’s day while holding for a flush. His executioner was James Finigan who held for bottom set. But a flush beats a set we hear you say. Indeed it does, but when the turn and river fell and , Finigan’s set improved to a full house and Eichhorn busted.

20:45 – Brisland Motoring

The flop reads and Sven Johnsson fires a 4,000 bet from his seat in the small blind, putting the action onto Andrew Birsland in the cutoff. Brisland, sporting a red baseball cap, raises to 12,500 which is essentially Johnsson’s stack. Johnsson takes a second look at his hole cards before realising they’re not pocket aces (or maybe a seven) and sending them back to the dealer.

20:25 – Short and Sweet For Decker

Herve Decker is the first player to be eliminated from Flight 3 and he doesn’t look happy about it. Decker was all-in before the flop in a hand involving partypoker qualifier Jay Villegas and Kevin Neal. Villegas bets 4,000 on the flop and Neal folds, accidentally revealing as he does so.



No help arrives for Decker on the turn or the river and he exits the tournament area in a hurry.

20:17 – Brisland Gets a Cut-price Ticket

Andrew Brisland loves this venue, and rightly so because it is here that he won a £40,000 Audi in a random draw. He finished Flight 1 with over 50,000 chips, Flight 2 with 21,500 and is now ready to add to those chips on Flight 3 courtesy of a cut price ticket.

Brisland told us that he decided to place a bet on the roulette wheel at the end of Flight 2 and won. He turned £20 into £180 and plans on using that money to buy into Flight 3. Good luck, sir.

20:11 – Familiar Faces

There are plenty of players who have already played on Flights 1 or 2 and have decided to fire another barrel here in Flight 3. The likes of Renee Xie, Renata Jack, Mohammed Suhail, Ben Spraggons, Andrew Hills, Geoff Richards, Michael Ramsey and Giedrius Banys are all in their seats, riffling chips and ready to build their stacks.

20:05 – Shuffle Up and Deal

Play has begun and so has the fun! Say tuned for updates from the third and final flight.


The third and final starting flight from the partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes Main Event kicks off at 8:00pm and should be the largest and busiest of the three starting flights, as players prepare to use their “one time” and attempt to turn a £200 investment into a much more meaningful sum.

Again, eight 30-minute levels are on the cards, with a 20-minute break at the end of Level 4. Registration remains open until the break, giving plenty of opportunity to get down to the fantastic Casino MK and get involved in this exciting and value-packed tournament.

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