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We’ve been dropping hints across our social media platforms for a couple of weeks now about a new and exciting poker format that is coming to partypoker. Now is the time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag and tell you all about the partypoker UK Team Challenge.

As the name suggests, the partypoker UK Team Challenge is a team based event taking place at your beloved partypoker. Running from August 1 through to September 30, 2015, the partypoker UK Team Challenge sees you and up to three friends compete in up to two tournaments every day and you’re awarded leaderboard chips depending on where you finish in those tournaments.

The tournaments in question are the $5.50 Daily Major: $1,000 Gtd DTD Micro and the $27.50 Daily Major: $5,000 Gtd DTD Mini that commence every night at 19:00 and 20:00 BST. These popular tournaments awarded a mixture of cash and DTD Tickets and, during this special challenge, leaderboard chips.

Every player receives leaderboard chips for playing, but the biggest prizes are reserved for those who reach the final table, with up to 100,000 leaderboard chips being awarded.


On September 30, all teams with at least 250,000 leaderboard chips are invited to the live final held at Dusk Till Dawn (DTD) in Nottingham where the prize money on offer varies depending on how many teams register for this exciting event. If 100 teams join in the action, partypoker adds £5,000 to the prize pool and an additional £5,000 is added each time another 100 teams enter, up to a total maximum prize pool of £100,000.

This prize pool is paid out 80% based on team standings and 20% on individual places; more on that last part later.

team prizes

While the partypoker UK Team Challenge is running, there are four special booster missions that you and your teammates can complete, each awarding 5,000 leaderboard chips. Should you have a team of four who complete all four booster missions, your team will have 80,000 of the 250,000 required to be invited to the live final!


As mentioned earlier, there is an individual element to the partypoker UK Team Challenge known as the Star Player Leaderboard. As you earn leaderboard chips for your team, you’ll be racking them up in the Star Player Leaderboard. Finish at the top and be the Star Player and you’ll receive a £2,200 WPT seat for your effort. Those Star Players finishing in second through tenth each receive a $120 DTD Ticket.

There are several terms and condition that you need to be aware of so please familiarise yourself with them by following this link. Once you have done so you’re ready to register your team, which is a simple task.

  • Choose between one and three friends to be part of your team, remembering that four players in a team are better than one for point scoring purposes
  • Head to the partypoker UK Team Challenge landing page
  • Register your team by clicking the “Register Your Team” button
  • Fill in your team details, including partypoker account names, in the form the opens up
  • Prepare to show the poker world that your team is the best in the UK!

All we need to ask now is this: who will you choose to be in your team?

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