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  1. why when i leave the table with 304 thousand and return i have only 100,000 no more .please explain.thank you.

  2. well if wont revise your desion just let us have a bank of maybey a 100 mill or so .so that most would stll be able to pump and tourneys and jasters and things that make them love party poker so much and everyone knows u cant give the chips back but 250 is nothing

  3. Very disappointed in that during the last upgrade, all my 16,000,000 chips were wiped out. I would appreciate you restoring my previous balance.

  4. yes that is understandable but at least let everyone build there accounts and let us keep the chips that we win and at least make it a million insterad of 250k that would be a little better on us because it is not fair to the ones who actually want to play on this site and want because there is no use if every time we go in we are at 250 k its hard to play like that if u have to onstantly click to get chips and i like the tournaments but if i stay broke whats the use in that either and i think that pp should give us a little more leway and futher more if u are mad because they are buying from other sites then u can start selling them and making a profit

  5. can we please raise the limit to 5 million or so 250k only plays 2 hands…surly that couldnt hurt and would make me happy and want to play.

  6. scott R bricco on

    Seriously, those whom have complained like I seem to be honest players. I for one enjoyed playing to build my poker skills. I have never played on a real table but found comfort playing on the play money tables. I understand your reason to do what you did. However you brought this situation otto yourselves by allowing these companies to fill your tables. I don’t know why you eliminated all of the monies won by honest players. And honestly I don’t seem the harm in allowing those whom want to have a billion chips play alongside those with only 10of thousands or millions. It’s play money and your error in judgement may have cost you a lot of hits to your sites. I may or may not continue to play on the site depending on what value you hold with your repeat clients. I hope you do have a chance to read all the complaints for the honest people whom used to enjoy your tables.

    sincerely Scott R Bricco

  7. Sylvain Ouellette on

    I wish you would have left us at least a few millions of chips. It took me moree than a year to accumulate the 25 M I had. Now I have to start back with 5 K

  8. Why can’t I play in my play money account. It says we can’t let you play. I am in New Jersey. It says ” Your Country is Blocked” WHAT? I can’t get in to play poker or anything. I refuse to play for real money. It says sign up for real money account. NO WAY Is anyone having this problem also.

  9. I had 226 thousand chips and log in to play and my account was blocked and to start all over I took me 3 years to build my chips up on play money would like to have them back or I will play on another site.

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