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Phil Hellmuth loves to trap players, but he almost feel right into Daniel Cates trap…

Pre-flop Hellmuth raised with and Cates flat called with pocket kings – not all trappers where fur hats – a Jesse May line springs to mind.

I like you am watching this on the live stream, it froze and skipped to the river, there was at this point a full board of on the felt. There was 156,000 in the pot and Jungelman had bet 130,000 when checked to on the river. “He flatted pre-flop, checked the turn and has bet big on the river,” said May. “He knows he (Hellmuth) can’t call, but he loves the pain,” joked Phil Laak.

At this point Hellmuth stood up, “here we go,” said Daniel Negreanu, whilst Antonio Esfandiari had gotten up and was doing some stretches. Eventually Hellmuth sat down and mucked his hand, “did you have aces,” asked Hellmuth to Jungleman, “I did not have aces,” he replied. “He can’t lie,” said Laak.

With that pot Jungleman took the lead, this is how it stands after 42 hands, only Jungleman and Jonathan Duhamel are above starting stack.

Jungleman – 526,000
Jonathan Duhamel – 460,000
Sam Trickett – 289,000
Antonio Esfandiari – 287,000
Marvin Rettenmaier – 238,000
Scott Seiver – 223,000
Phil Hellmuth – 193,000
Daniel Negreanu – 184,000


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