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PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championships


Andrew Feldman Wins Heat 1 of Group B

Andrew Feldman is the happiest man in the Playboy Club London after coming from behind to take the victory, and thanks to him playing his double up card he finds himself armed with 16 points after the first heat in Group B.

This points tally all but guarantees himself a place on the final table where he will at least receive his $25,000 back and will stand the chance of picking up a major title and the $100,000 that is awarded to our champion.

Sorel Mizzi and Ben Carpenter both used their double up cards but fell relatively early in proceedings so have some serious leg work to do if they want to progress to the final table as they only have two and four points respectively and the rest of their group still have their double up cards.

Group B will return to the felt tomorrow to play Pot Limit Omaha so the action should be pretty explosive. In just a couple of hour Group A will be playing PLO so make sure you tune back in from 1900 UK time for all the action from the PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship.


Andy Frankenberger Eliminated in 2nd Place


After just one hand of heads-up it is all over. A mini raising war see Andy Frankenberger all in with and in a coinflip against Andrew Feldman’s . The flop fires Feldman into the lead and when the turn and river are the and respectively Feldman completes an epic comeback.


Mike Sexton Eliminated in 3rd Place


Andrew Feldman opens the betting with a standard raise to 40,000 with and Mike Sexton makes the call with . The flop is and Sexton checks and Feldman checks behind.

The turn is the and Sexton leads out and Feldman calls. The sees Sexton bet 110,000, Feldman moves all in. He tanks for close to four minutes, and at one point shakes his head and says” man o man o man,” and “how can I lay this hand down?”.

Six minutes have now passed and he calls! With that Sexton is eliminated and Feldman is a huge chip leader going into heads-up!


Feldman Puts Frankenberger Under Pressure

Andy Frankenberger raises to 40,000 with only to see Andrew Feldman check his cards, discovering they are and he moves all in. Frankenberger questions if Feldman has a pair before throwing his cards into the muck.


Sexton Takes Fight To Feldman

With in his hand, Andrew Feldman he raises to 40,000. Andy Frankenberger gets out of the way but Mike Sexton three-bets to 140,000 with . Feldman asks for a count, discovers Sexton had 380,000 or so behind and goes back to figuring out what his opponent has.

Sixty seconds later and he folds his hand, stating “I always get marginal hands against you.”


Feldman Splashing Around

Andy Frankenberger raised to 40,000 with and when Mike Sexton folds, Adnrew Feldman raises to 104,000 sending Frankenberger into the tank. He stays there for close to two minutes beofre letting go of his hand.

Since he has picked up chips Andrew Feldman has started to take control of the tournament. What did he make this three-bet with? Just .


Ben Carpenter Eliminated in 4th Place


Ben Carpenter open-shoves for 214,000 with and the action is on Andrew Feldman who peels back his cards and snap-calls when he sees staring back at him.

The flop gifts Feldman two pair but also gives Carpenter outs to the club flush. Those outs are taken away as the turn is the , improving Feldman to a full house and by the time the has hit the river Carpenter has already left the stage and we are three-handed here in Group B Heat 1.


Feldman Doubles Through Frankenberger


Andrew Feldman open-limps from the small blind with and Andy Frankenberger taps the table and checks with his . The flop hits both players but Feldman the best as he now has a straight!

He fires a bet of 22,000 into Frankenberger and he quickly calls. The turn is the which is going to set the fireworks off as Frankenberger now has top pair with an open-ended straight draw. Feldman bets 49,000, Frankenberger moves all in for 639,000 (effective 203,000) and Feldman calls.

Feldman stands from his seat and begs the dealer for no nine, which would chop the pot. She burns a card and puts out the much to the delight of Feldman who lets out a celebratory “Yessssss!” What a turn around for Feldman who now finds himself second in chips.


Big Bet Scares Off Carpenter

Mike Sexton open limps the small blind with and Ben Carpenter checks in the big blind with . Both players check the flop and the turn but Sexton snap-bets 70,000 on the arrival of the river. Carpenter ponders a call but lets his hand go, obviously smelling a rat.


Sorel Mizzi Eliminated in 5th Place


Sorel Mizzi shoves his last 141,000 into the middle holding and after Andy Frankenberger folds Mike Sexton three-bets all in for a total of 233,000 with . Ben Carpenter goes into the tank for an entire two minutes before calling with and Andy Feldman folds.

The flop sees Mizzi’s hopes of tripling up all but ended and he stands from his seat when the lands on the turn. He has already shook everyone’s hand by the time the falls on the river and he is heading out of the door whilst Sexton has a huge pile of chips in front of him now.


Like Peeling Toe Nails

Jesse May has just described the lack of action as being like peeling toe nails, with nobody being prepared to make the call when the short stacks are shoving! Stay tuned for more Jesse-isms!


Shove, Shove, Shove

Andrew Feldman and Sorel Mizzi are short stacked and are taking it in turns to move all in preflop in an attempt to rebuild their shattered stacks.


Level Up And Counts

The blinds have been increased to 7,500/15,000

Andy Frankenberger: 733,000
Ben Carpenter: 452,000
Mike Sexton: 262,000
Sorel Mizzi: 141,000


Mizzi Gets Busy

Sorel Mizzi is the table’s short stack with around 12 big blinds and they find their way into the middle of the felt with him holding but he only picks up the blinds, which are still worth 15,000.


Feldman Doubles Up


Ben Carpenter raises it up with and then calls when Andrew Feldman moves all in for 98,000 with .

Feldman hits the flop but he still has a lot of cards to dodge. The turn is the and the river comes the and with that Feldman doubles up.


Yevgeniy Timoshenko Eliminated in 6th Place


Andy Frankenberger raises to 25,000 and after Mike Sexton folds Yevgeniy Timoshenko three-bets all in for 229,000 with . Frankenberger instantly calls and Timoshenko asks if he has a pair. He certainly does have a pair, , ouch.

The board runs out and Timoshenko is eliminated in sixth place and picks up no points for his efforts today but he still has his double up card to play. What a result for Andrew Feldman who has been short-stacked for a large portion of his day and is now guaranteed two points for his efforts so far.


Feldman With A Tight Fold

Mike Sexton opens to 20,000 with and the action folds to Andrew Feldman and he folds despite only having ten big blinds. Maybe Sexton’s tight image played a part in his decision.


Timoshenko Makes A Rare Mistake

The action folds to Mike Sexton and he makes it 20,000 to play from the button with . Yevgeniy Timoshenko three-bets to 67,000 with , which is a little on the large side and could get him into a tricky spot if Sexton comes over the top of him.

Sexton does indeed come over the top of him for 187,000. Timoshenko realises a little too late the predicament he has gotten himself into but after 45 seconds of deliberation he folds his hand.


Carpenter Catching Up To Chip Lead

Ben Carpenter raises to 20,000 with from early position and the actions folds to Andy Frankenberger in the small blind and he opts to call with his . In the big blind is Mike Sexton and he also calls so it is three-handed to the flop.

Frankenberger leads out with a 20,000 bet, folding out Timoshenko but Carpenter calls. The turn is the improving Carpenter to a straight but Frankenberger does not know this and he continues with his story and bets 35,000, a bet that Carpenter calls.

The river is the and now the WPT Player of the Year slows down and checks. Carpenter asks the dealer to spread the pot so he can see how many chips it is the home to and shortly afterwards he bets 95,000. Frankenberger quickly folds and says, “nice hand” to his British opponent.


Frankenberger Fast out Of The Blocks

Andy frankenberger raises with to 25,000 from the button and only Yevgeniy Timoshenko calls from the big blind with . A flop reading , Timoshenko checks, Frankenberger bets 45,000 and Timoshenko folds. Easy game.


Blinds Now 5,000/10,000

The cards are back in the air and the action is back under way.


Break Time

The players have been sent on a 15-minute break. We will be right back shortly.


Feldman Shoves Again With Big Slick

Andrew Feldman moves all in for 91,000 and picks up the blinds.


The Worst Hand Luke Schwartz Has Ever Seen!


Sorel Mizzi looks down and finds in the hole and he raises to 14,000. To his left is Andy Frankenberger and he three-bets to 28,000 with . Mizzi calls and the dealer gets busy putting out the flop.

Mizzi checks and Frankenberger checks behind, a rather unconventional play. The turn brings the into play and Mizzi checks. Once again Frankenberger checks behind. The river is the abd now Mizzi fires a bet of 22,000 thinking his nines are good and we all know what Frankenberger is going to do, he is going to raise it up. He asks Mizzi for a count, which suggests he is going to raise but he ultimately just calls.

Luke Schwartz is highly critical of Frankenberger’s play, describing it as “one of the worst hands he has ever seen.” Jesse May defends him by reeling off his achievements of the last 18 months but Schwartz counters by saying some players are just blessed and that there is a lot of luck in tournament poker and this proves it! Maybe a little harsh, what do you think?


Feldman Shoves

The very next hand Andrew Feldman open-shoves for his 82,000 stack with but nobody wants to play with him and he just picks up the blinds.


Feldman Folds After Six Minute Tank

Andrew Feldman min-raises to 12,000 with and the action folds around to Mike Sexton and he three-bets to 28,000 with . Yevgeniy Timoshenko and Ben Carpenter fold putting the action back onto Feldman.

He sits riffling chips for 90 seconds, removes his shades and puts the end of the legs into the corners of his eyes before placing them at the side of the table. He’s continuing to riffle chips and is pulling all sorts of faces and looks pained in his decision making.

Three minutes have now passed and Feldman is continually counting his stack. Luke Schwartz and Jesse May are taking bets on Feldman folding, Schwartz offering two-to-one on £50 bet. Feldman cracks his knuckles, stretches, checks his cards again, they are still by the way, cracks his knuckles again and asks if Sexton would make this play with [Ax][Jx], which would never happen.

Another long look at his cards and he folds his hand, saying he would see what Sexton held in a few minutes’ time. Feldman is now down to 82,000 chips and in trouble here at the Playboy Club London.


Is Jennifer Tilly Really Giving Up Poker?

Yesterday we spoke to Jennifer Tilly during one of the breaks, here is what she had to say.



The play has really slowed down over the last couple of orbits and even the players do not seem as buoyant as they once were. A break or elimination would be ideal right now, preferably the latter.


Carpenter Five-Bet Shoves On Sexton!


Mike Sexton opens to 12,000 on the button and Yevgeniy Timoshenko calls in the small blind with . Next to act is Ben Carpenter in the big blind and he decides to make it 29,000 to play with his , which should end the hand.

But that is certainly not the case as Sexton returns fire with a four-bet to 72,000, which startles Timoshenko and he mucks but Carpenter asks Sexton for a count and within seconds of counting his opponent’s stack Carpenter moves all in for 318,000. Sexton does not wait long before folding and Carptenter picks up a decent sized pot.


Level Up And Chip Counts

The second level has been completed and the blinds have increased to 3,000/6,000.

Here is how they stand in terms of circular clay discs!

Andy Frankenberger: 493,000
Yevgeniy Timoshenko: 341,000
Mike Sexton: 304,000
Ben Carpenter: 302,000
Sorel Mizzi: 254,000
Andrew Feldman: 103,000


Mizzi Slowplays Kings

Yevgeniy Timoshenko opens with a 10,000 raise with and the action folds to Mizzi on the button and he opts to flat call with his . The dealer puts out the flop, a flop that Timoshenko checks and Mizzi checks behind.

Our turn card is the and Timoshenko checks again. Mizzi tries to entice his opponent in with a 15,000 bet but Timoshenko is not having any of it and he folds.

“Mr Lose-The-Minimum every time,” jokes Mizzi, prompting a smile from the Ukrainian.


Old School Versus Young Gun

From under the gun Andrew Feldman min-raises to 8,000 with and only Mike Sexton, holding on the button, makes the call. The flop reads and Feldman makes a continuation bet of 11,000 but quickly gets out of the way when Sexton raises to 24,000.


Feldman Folds In Marginal Spot

Andrew Feldman opens from the button to 10,000 with and Andy Frankenberger three-bets to 25,000 with which causes a wince from Feldman.

“Why do I always get these marginal spots?” asks Feldman. His stack size means he is in push or fold territory in this hand and the Brit chooses the latter option and lets his hand go.


Feldman Picks Up Some Chips

Carpenter raises to 10,000 from the button with only to see Andrew Feldman three-bet all in for 128,000 with from the small blind. This folds out Mizzi and obviously Carpenter snap-mucks.


Carpenter Doubles Through Feldman


Ben Carpenter has found pocket aces and makes it 10,000 to play. To his direct left is Andrew Feldman and he three-bets to 23,000 with and could have a very tough decision ahead of him. The action is back on Carpenter and he four-bets the minimum to 46,000 and he makes the call.

Carpenter only has 100,000 or so behind and he could be all in shortly. The flop comes down and Feldman bets 34,000, Feldman shoves 230,000 and Carpenter snaps him off with . The turn is the and the river an unnecessary , doubling Carpenter up and reducing Feldman to being the short stack at the table with around 120,000 chips.

Carpenter gives a mini rubdown to Feldman saying he was surprised Feldman did not shove preflop with his pocket eights! Feldman is rocked here at the Playboy Club London, he looks uncomfortable in his chair and not happy with the hand at all.


Carpenter Picks Up Pot

On a board reading Sorel Mizzi checks to Ben Carpenter who fires a bet of 18,000 with his . Mizzi looks like he is pondering a call but instead he folds and Carpenter picks up the 56,000 pot.


Carpenter Down To Less Than Half Starting Stack

Sorel Mizzi raises to 9,000 with and Ben Carpenter calls in the big blind with . A flop reading sees Carpenter check-call a 10,000 bet from Mizzi. The on the turn is checked by both players but there is no such passivity when the lands on the river. Carpenter checks, Mizzi fires a bet of 35,000 with his straight and Carpenter check raises to 80,000.

Luke Schwartz comments that Mizzi is never folding for 45,000 more and he is correct as the Canadian calls and shows his straight and Carpenter mucks and his stack is now down to 138,000.


Mizzi Pays Off Frankenberger

From the cutoff Andrew Feldman makes it 10,000 to play and Sorel Mizzi calls on the button with . Andy Frankenberger is in the small blind and he three-bets to 25,000, which folds out Feldman and but Mizzi calls in position.

Flop: – The flop would have gifted Feldman two pair but he has already folded his so it is up to Frankenberger to make a continuation bet of 35,000 and Mizzi calls.

Turn: – Frankenberger checks and Mizzi checks behind.

River: – Frankenberger, having made the nuts, pauses for 45 seconds before betting 60,000. Mizzi does not look happy but he calls then nods to acknowledge his opponent’s hand when he is shown the Broadway straight.

Did Mizzi call based on Frankenberger’s loose image?


Timoshenko Pushes Carpenter Around

The action folds to Yevgeniy Timoshenko in the cutoff and he raises to 10,000 with . Ben Carpenter is next to act and he wastes little time in three-betting to 23,000 with . Andrew Feldman folds the small blind and Sorel Mizzi tosses away his putting the action back on Timoshenko.

He goes into the tank for over a minute before four-betting to 57,000, sending Carpenter into deep thought. After nearly a minute he relinquishes his hand, telling Timoshenko he knew he had nothing, but we know Carpenter had even less!

Feldman wants to bet that Timoshenko held a hand that was [Ax][Qx] or better but nobody takes him up on the offer.


Level Up And Chip Counts

The first level has come to an end and the blinds have been increased to 2,000/4,000.

Here are the chip counts:

Andy Frankenberger: 334,000
Sorel Mizzi: 324,000
Yevgeniy Timoshenko: 310,000
Andrew Feldman: 286,000
Mike Sexton: 286,000
Ben Carpenter: 260,000


Ace-High Good For Feldman

After finding in the hole Andrew Feldman makes it 5,000 to play then calls when Sorel Mizzi three-bets to 12,000 with . A flop reading [ is checked by both players, as is the turn and the river.

“I have an ace,” informs Feldman.

“Me too,” replies Mizzi.

“I guess I win then,” suggests Feldman

“Probably” comes the reply.

Feldman does indeed win the hand and as his queen kicker comes into play.


Double Up Cards

News just in, Sorel Mizzi, Ben Carpenter and Andrew Feldman have used their double up cards so will receive twice as many points for their finish today.


Mizzi And Frankenberger Clash


Sorel Mizzi starts the preflop betting with a raise to 5,000 and he finds callers in the shape of Andy Frankenberger, Yevgeniy Timoshenko and Andrew Feldman! The dealer puts out the flop. Feldman checks holding , Mizzi bets 16,000, Frankenberger calls with , Timoshenko folds his and Feldman also gets out of the way.

The turn is the and Mizzi keeps his foot on the gas and bets 36,000 with his and Frankenberger folds his hand.

“Is that one for television?” asks Frankenberger, “You’ll see,” replies Mizzi.


Frankenberger Straightens Out

From UTG+1 Andy Frankenberger raises to , a move that does not impress Luke Schwartz in the commentary booth. The action folds to Ben Carpenter, in the big blind, and he three-bets to 13,000 holding and surprisingly Frankenberger makes the call.

The flop comes down and Carpenter bets 12,000 and Frankenberger quickly calls. The on the turn is a bingo card for Frankenberger as it makes him an unlikely straight. Carpenter checks, Frankenberger bets 15,000 and Carpenter quickly calls.

The river is the and Carpenter checks to his American opponent and he bets 25,000. Carpenter makes the call but is not too happy when he sees that Frankenberger has turned a straight.


Carpenter Gets Paid Off

Ben Carpenter raises to 5,000 with showing his love for suited connectors in this event so far, Andy Frankenberger calls in the big blind with . The dealer puts out the , Frankenberger checks, carpenter continues to 6,000 and Frankenberger makes the call.

The turn brings the into the equation and Frankenberger checks again then calls when Carpenter bets 10,000. The river is the and again Frankenberger refuses to bet. Carpenter makes a value bet of 15,000 sending Frankenberger into the tank. After almost a minute he emerges with a call but he mucks when he is shown the of the young Brit.


Frankenberger Steals One From Mizzi

Sorel Mizzi raises to 5,000 from under the gun with and to his direct left is the WPT Player of the Year Andy Frankenber and he makes the call with . Three players fold and Andrew Feldman calls in the big blind with .

Flop: – Feldman checks, Mizzi bets 8,000 and only Frankenberger calls.

Turn: – Mizzi checks when the board pairs but Frankenberger does not check behind, instead he bets 8,000 which is enough to get the job done because Mizzi folds what is the best hand.


Timoshenko Rivers Feldman

Andrew Feldman raises to 5,000 with and it folds around to Yevgeniy Timoshenko in the big blind and he calls with . The dealer puts out the , Timoshenko checks then quickly calls when Feldman makes a continuation bet of 7,000.

The turn brings the and both players check, which is what they do when the lands on the river. Timoshenko shows the winning hand and Feldman mucks.

“Did I river you?” quizzes Timoshenko, to which Feldman simply nods.


Early Pot For Mizzi

Ben Carpenter opens with a raise to 5,000 with and the action folds to Sorel Mizzi on the button. He decides to see a flop with and whjat a flop it is for Mizzi, . Carpenter continues with a bet of 7,000 but Mizzi makes it 21,000 to play and Carpenter does some Hollywooding before mucking his hands.


Kings For Timoshenko

The very first hands see Yevgeniy Timoshenko look down and find in the hole and he makes it 6,000 to play. Nobody else has a hand and he picks up the 3,000 created by the blinds.


Seat Draw

The players are at the table and are seated as follows:

  • Seat 1: Sorel Mizzi
  • Seat 2: Andy Frankenberger
  • Seat 3: Mike Sexton
  • Seat 4: Yevgeniy Timoshenko
  • Seat 5: Ben Carpenter
  • Seat 6: Andrew Feldman

Each player starts with 300,000 chips and blinds are 1,000/2,000 and they increase every 21 hands.

PartyPoker Premier League Logo

Hello and welcome back to the Playboy Club London for the first heat of matches from Group B. Today Andrew Feldman, Sorel Mizzi, Ben Carpenter, Andy Frankenberger, Mike Sexton and Yevgeniy Timoshenko will take to the felt and battle it out to No Limit Hold’em rules.

Yesterday we saw three players use their double up card, which doubles the player’s points total for this match. It seemed to backfire for Tony G and Luke Schwartz but it worked like a dream for James Dempsey who went on to take down the match and pick up 16 point and he is almost guaranteed a place at the final table.

Will any players use their card today? I should think so. I would predict Frankenberger, Mizzi, and Feldman to use their cards today.

We are moments away from kicking off, join us shortly for all the action, as it happens, from Group B Heat 1 of the PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championships


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