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PartyPoker Premier League Group A Heat 2 Live Updates


Max Pescatori Wins Heat 2


Max Pescatori has taken down the second heat of Group A’s matches and now finds himself at the top of the leaderboard and is guaranteed to be on the final table on Thursday.

He played a patient game throughout and kept his cool and composure even when it became obvious Luke Schwartz and Tony G were playing tactically in an attempt to knock him out, something that is well within the rules and it makes for an interesting dynamic thanks to the inclusion of the double-up card.

Group A’s players will return on Wednesday and play Pot Limit Hold’em and there is a lot riding on it for Schwartz and Tony G as they could be out of this competition. Jennifer Tilly and Matt Giannetti both have their double up card up their sleeve! It should be very interesting indeed.


Tony G Eliminated in 2nd Place


Tony G puts the rest of his chips into the middle with and Max Pescatori calls with .

The board runs out and Pescatori’s nines and fours win the pot and he is the champion of Heat 2, a result that propels him to the top of the leaderboard.


Tony G Crippled

Max Pescatori moves all in on a flop reading with and Tony G calls with .

The on the turn ends the hand as is improves Pescatori to a full house and when the lands on the river the hand is completed and Pescatori is busy stacking up 1,660,000 chips!


Pescatori Flops The Nuts, Levels Tie

Tony G raises then calls when Pescatori raises to 195,000. The flop comes down and Pescatori leads into Tony G with a 390,000 bet and Tony G’s cards hit the muck instantly.

Pescatori held whilst Tony G wanted low cards as his holding were .


First Big Pot Goes To Tony G

Tony G opens the betting with a raise to 75,000 and Max Pescatori calls. A flop reading is checked by both players, as is the on the turn and Pescatori checks again with the arrival of the in the river.

However, Tony G holds and now has a full house. He bets 100,000 with his boat and Pescatori snaps him off with what turns out to be and Tony G wins the pot.


Heads-Up Chip Counts

Tony G is leading Max Pescatori by 1,020,000 to 780,000 chips going into the heads-up battle.

Tony G is guaranteed a minimum of six points but could walk away with eight, whilst Pescatori has locked up 12 points but could take home 16 thanks to having his double up card in play.


Jennifer Tilly Eliminated in 3rd Place


Max Pescatori open-limps on the button and Jennifer Tilly moves all in for her remaining 70,000 chips. Tony G then puts in a raise of his own and makes it 240,000. Pescatori then moves all in and Tony G calls, huge pot and Tony G could cause a double elimination!

Tony G:

The final board runs out and with that Pescatori wins the hand and Tilly is sent tot he rail in third place.


Pescatori Lays Down Set To Tony G

Tony G raises to 60,000 with the raggedy , Max Pescatori calls with and Jennifer Tilly comes along for the ride with .

Flop: – Pescatori checks, as does Tilly but Tony G bets 60,000. Pescatori calls but Tilly mucks her hand.

Turn: – Pescatori checks, Tony bets 150,000 and Pescatori lays down his hand, mainly because Tilly is down to just 70,000 chips and is on the rocks.


Tony G Takes On Tilly

Jennifer Tilly completes the small blind and then calls when Tony G makes it 45,000 to play. The dealer puts out the flop, Tilly checks with her and Tony G, holding , bets 45,000. Tilly ponders a call but she ultimately folds.

Mike Sexton commented on if Tilly was aware of the strange dynamic caused by Pescatori still been in this tournament and using his double up card, she could raise Tony G off the vast majority of pots they enter together.


Chip Counts

Tony G: 960,000
Max Pescatori: 440,000
Jennifer Tilly: 400,000


Pescatori Doubles Through Tony G


Jennifer Tilly limps on the button but after seeing Tony G raise to 80,000 and Max Pescatori raises all-in to 210,000, she folds. Tony G calls and the players turn over their hands.

Tony G:

The dealer gets busy putting out the flop, which keeps the Italian out in front. The turn is another safe card for Pescatori and the on the river keeps Pescatori alive and he moves up to second place in chips.


Big Pot Slides Tony G’s Way

Max Pescatori limps on the button, Jennifer Tilly makes it 80,000 to play with and Tony G quickly calls holding . Pescatori calls and it is three-way to the flop.

Tilly checks Tony G bets 240,000 into the 240,000 pot, which folds Pescatori but Tilly callls after around 90 seconds of deliberation. Our turn card is the and both players check. Which is exactly what they do when the falls on the river.

Tony G takes down the pot and is up to 1,170,000 chips.


Pescatori Wins Pot, Still Short

Max Pescatori limps in from the small blind with and Jennifer Tilly checks in the big blind holding . The flop reads , Pescatori bets 20,000 and Tilly quickly calls.

The turn is a queen and Pescatori bets again, Tilly picks her cards up, which Mike Sexton points out she has done every time she has had nothing, and shortly afterwards she passes them to the dealer.


Tony G Hits Quads On The River


Jennifer Tilly limps in from the small blind with and Tony G checks, then checks in the dark with his . The dealer places the flop into the middle of the felt, a flop that Tilly bets 20,000 with her set of threes and Tony G calls.

The turn is the , improving Tony G to trips but Tilly to a full house. Tilly bets 50,000 and Tony G snap-calls, and this pot is starting to swell. The tiver is the , gifting Tony G quads! Tilly bets 90,000 despite her hand been downgraded from a full house to just three of a kind but she instantly mucks when Tony G clicks it back and makes it 180,000 to play.


Pescatori and Tony G Lock Horns

Max Pescatori limps in for 20,000 with , Jennifer Tilley completes the small blind with and Tony G checks his .

Flop: – Tilly checks, Tony G checks, Pescatori bets 35,000 and only Tony G calls.

Turn: – Tony G checks, Pescatori bets again, making it 40,000 in total and Tony G calls with his flush.

River: – The river is a blank and when Tony G checks, Pescatori checks behind and mucks his set of kings when Tony G flips over a small heart flush.


Chip Counts At The Break

  • Jennifer Tilly: 985,000
  • Tony G: 545,000
  • Max Pescatori: 270,000


Luke Schwartz Eliminated in 4th Place


Luke Schwartz raises to 35,000 and then calls when Max Pescatori three-bets to 112,000. The flop comes down , Pescatori bets 61,000 and Schwartz calls off his remaining chips.


Wow! What a flop for Schwartz and he is around a 71% favourite to double up here! The dealer puts out the on the turn which gives Pescatori a flush draw and takes away a lot of Schwartz’s outs!

The river is the and amazingly Schwartz misses all of his outs and has been eliminated from this heat! He picks up three points for his finish and he now has seven points and cannot finish with more than 15 points even if he wins the Pot Limit Hold’em event tomorrow. He could still progress but the result of this heat will be crucial.


Tilly Takes The Chip Lead!

Second to act is Jennifer Tilly and she raises to 40,000. Luke Schwartz gets out of the way but Tony G, holding three-bets to 80,000 and Tilly calls with her .

Flop: – Tony G checks then calls when Tilly bets 100,000 with her nut straight!

Turn: – Tony G checks again, but Tilly bets huge! She makes it 375,000 and Tony G looks extremely frustrated and he angrily mucks.


Tilly Wins 375,000 Pot


It is three handed to the flop, Luke Schwartz checks with his but Tony G bets 40,000 with his myriad of draws. The Lithuanian has in his hand.. Jennifer Tilly is next to act and her has flopped a straight and she also has a redraw to a full house, with this in mind she raises to 165,000, a bet that only Tony G calls.

The flop is checked by both players and Tony G could win this hand on the river. The dealer puts out the on the river and Tilly’s hand is best but she checks behind and shows the winning hand.

Tony G has now slipped to 768,000 chips and his mission to try and eliminate Max Pescatori is not going very well at the moment.


Tilly Has A Boat

Tony G raises to 30,000 with and Jennifer Tilly makes the call with . A flop reading and both players check. Tilly hits a third nine on the turn, the and she bets, Tony G makes the call.

The river is the and Tilly now has a full house and leads into Tony G with a sizeable 70,000 bet and he is pondering his options and decides the best of them is to call but he mucks when he is shown a boat from Tilly.


Preflop Poker

Everyone seems content to settle the pots preflop. Although Max Pescatori has doubled up, he and everyone barring Tony G is short-stacked and they do not seem willing to commit themselves with any hand.


Pescatori Doubles Up

Max Pescatori raises to 52,000 with and the action folds to Tony G in the big blind and he calls the 37,000 extra chips holding .

After burning a card the dealer puts out the flop giving Tony G an open-ended straight draw and a pair. He bets 80,000, Pescatori moves all in and Tony G calls off the remaining 3,000 chips.

The turn is the and the river is the and Pescatori doubles up and this completely changes the dynamic of the table because he has his double up card in play! He now has 277,000 chips and is still relatively short-stacked.


No Action For Schwartz’s Aces

With blinds at 7,500/15,000 Tony G limps in with . Max Pescatori folds but Jennifer Tilly calls with but Luke Schwartz has woken up with pocket aces and makes it 80,000 to play with .

Tony G insta-mucks and Tilly follows suit.


Pescatori: The Rock


Max Pescatori is hardly playing any hands knowing that he has his double up card in play and that just moving up one place could mean the difference between making it through to the final table or not. Whether or not it is the correct strategy remains to be seen.


Schwartz Just Can’t Pull The Trigger

Luke Schwartz find and he makes it 25,000 to play. Tony G folds, as does Max Pescatori but Jennifer Tilly picks up almost the same hand as Schwartz, and she calls.

Flop: – Tilly leads out with a 20,000 bet from the big blind with her pair of tens and kings with a nine-kicker, the exact same holding as Schwartz. The man known as “Full Flush” looks like he is about to raise but he fails to pull the trigger and Tilly picks up some much needed chips.


Tilly On The Ropes


Luke Schwartz bets 115,000 on a flop which puts Jennifer Tiully to the test because she only has 182,000 behind. Tilly is pondering a call with . She actually has 59% equity against Schwartz’s but she surprisingly tosses her cards into the muck.


Tony G Running Away With This (Chip counts inside!)

On a board reading Jennifer Tilly leads out with a 40,000 bet with for a set of eights only to see Tony G raise to 90,000. Tilly calls but mucks when Tony G turns over for a flush.

Tony G now has 1,200,000 chips, Max Pescatori has 215,000, Luke Schwartz 203,000 and Jennifer Tilly 182,000.


Tony G Makes Full House

Jennifer Tilly decides to limp in with , a move that shocks Mike Sexton in the commentary booth. Luke Schwartz competes the small blind with and Tony G gets to see a free flop with his in the big blind.

Flop: – Schwartz checks, Tony G bets 30,000, Tilly calls but Schwartz mucks his hand.

Turn: – Tony G checks in the dark and Tilly instantly checks when she sees the turn.

River: – Tony G makes a full house and surely he is going to bet. He does, 50,000 is the amount but Tilly only has a pair of sevens and cannot call. She does not, she mucks her hand.


Unscheduled Break

The software that gives the commentators information and displays the chip counts live on the screens is playing up and they are just rebooting the system. Please bear with us, play will resume shortly.


Chip Counts From Four Handed Play


Here are the chip counts of the four surviving players:

  • Tony G: 940,000
  • Jennifer Tilly: 387,000
  • Max Pescatori: 230,000
  • Luke Schwartz: 223,000


Tony G Wins Huge Pot, Approaching One Million Chips

Tony G makes it 20,000 holding the only to see Jennifer Tilly three-bet to 80,000 with , Tony G makes the call and the flop comes down , Tilly now checks and Tony G checks behind.

The turn is the and Tilly checks again and Tony G checks behind despite having now made a straight. The final card is the and Tilly checks for a third time. Tony G will not check behind, he bets 90,000 and Tilly knows she is in trouble.

“ I shouldn’t have let so many cards come out. I should have bet that flop,” says Tilly before saying, “ I call,” but mucks when she is shown Tony G’s straight.

Tony G is approaching 1,000,000 chips


Can Anyone Stop Tilly?

Jennifer Tilly may be a complete amateur in regards to Pot Limit Omaha but she is giving her opponents a real lesson in power poker right now!

It is three-way to the flop. Tiny G checks, Jennifer Tilly checks, Luke Schwartz leads out with a 35,000 bet with his , which folds out Tony G but Tilly pauses briefly before check-raising to 90,000. Schwartz gives out a big sign before tossing his cards in the muck.


Schwartz Adds To Stack


Jennifer Tilly open limps from the small blind with . Luke Schwartz is in the big blind with and he taps the table and checks.

Flop: – Tilly bets 10,000 only to see Schwartz raise to 23,000, a raise that Tilly calls after staring at her opponent intently.

Turn: – Tilly checks to Schwartz but quickly folds when he makes it 40,000 to play.


Tilly Continues The Charge

Tony G to 23,000 holding , Max Pescatori folds but Jennifer Tilly calls with . The dealer burns a card an places the flop out onto the felt.

Tilly checks, Tony G fires a bet of 30,000 only to see Tilly spring into action and check-raise to 141,000. Tony G says, “this is bad news,” before mucking his hand.


Tilly Very Active

Jennifer Tilly has played almost every hand since the restart and it seems to be working for her. She opens to 16,000 with and Max Pewcatori calls with . The flop comes down and both players check. The on the turn is checked by Pescatori, who then folds when Tilly takes a 20,000 stab at the pot.


The Are Back In The Air

Welcome back to the Playboy Club London where we are playing out to conclusion, Heat 2 of Group A. Tony G, Jennifer Tilly, Max Pescatori and Luke Schwartz are the four surviving players, who will take this down?


End of Play

Play has come to an end due to the fact the television crew have been working for 14 hours and they cannot work any longer by law! Play will resume at 10:30 so be sure to join us then!


Tony Takes One From Schwartz

Tony G raises to 13,000 with and only Luke Schwartz calls. Schwartz holds so when the flop comes down he has flopped an ace and has the nut diamond flush draw.

The turn is the and both players check. Schwartz checks the arrival of the on the river then calls, albeit after a minute of deliberating, when Tony G bets 40,000.


Matt Giannetti Eliminated in 5th Place


Luke Schwartz raises to 16,000 and each of his four opponents make the call! The flop comes down
and Jennifer Tilly leads out with an 80,000 bet, which folds everyone out excpet Matt Giannetti who moves all in for 181,000. Tilly calls and the cards are turned over.



Tilly can catch any heart, except the to win or an eight to split.

Turn: – The turn means Tilly is now at least splitting the pot and is freerolling for the heart flush.

River: – Boom! Tilly hits her flush and the rank amateur knocks out the November Nine member and we are down to four here in Group A Heat 2!


Tilly Adds To Stack

Jennifer Tilly raises to 16,000 with and only Luke Schwartz makes the call with . The dealer puts out the flop, gifting Tilly a straight and she bets 22,000 and Schwartz folds.


Tilly Growing In Confidence


Matt Giannetti raises to 15,000 with and only Jennifer Tilly calls holding . The flop comes down Tilly checks and Giannetti bets 20,000. Tilly calls and the dealer puts out the on the turn. Tilly now leads into Giannetti with a 35,000 bet and the WPT Malta champion folds his hand.

She may be anything but an expert in this game but she is certainly growing in confidence.


Break Time

The players are on a 10-minute break. Join us again shortly.


Tilly Flops Nuts, Wins Small Pot

An 11,000 raise from the button from, yes you have guessed it, Tony G is called by both Matt Giannetti’s and Jennifer Tilly’s . The dealer places the flop onto the felt and Tilly leads and both opponents instantly fold.


Schwartz Takes On Tony G, Wins Battle Of The Mouths!

Tony G raises then calls a three-bet to 50,000 from Luke Schwartz with . The flop comes down and Schwartz bets 82,000 into the 114,000 pot with . Tony G studies Schwartz for a few moments before releasing his hand.


Giannetti Takes One From Tilly

Matt Giannetti opens the betting with a raise to 12,000 with and Jennifer Tilly makes the call with . The dealer puts out the flop and Tilly checks to him. Giannetti bets 18,000, Tilly checks each of her four cards individually and then folds, despite looking like she wanted to call the bet.


James Dempsey Eliminated in 6th Place


Tony G makes it 10,000 to play with and then three-bets enough to put James Dempsey all in when the Brit three-bets to 37,000 with . Dempsey calls and is at risk of elimination.

Flop: – Safe for Tony G and Dempsey has one foot in the grave.

Turn: – A real card for the fans as now Dempsey can hit a flush to win, as long as the heart does not pair the board.

River: – Tony G improves to a full house and Dempsey gets to go home for an early night.


Solid Fold From Dempsey

The board reads and James Dempsey bets 20,000 with after checking the previous streets. Tony G raises to 60,000 after having backed into the nuts with his , sending Dempsey into the tank for around six minutes!

“You never raise me on the river without seven-nine but I can’t see how you would have seven-nine!”

Jesse May comments on how this is like an immovable object being hit by an unstoppable object and that Dempsey’s head may explode! It does not explode so the cleaners can put their mops away but he does make a solid fold and the Tony G march continues.


Giannetti Rivers Boat

Jennifer Tilly makes it 11,000 to play and her only customer is Matt Giannetti who holds . The flop rewads Giannetti checks and Tilly checks behind.

The turn brings the into play and it improves Giannetti to a flush but he checks, and Tilly follows suit. Our river is the improving Giannetti to a full house and now he bets, making it 15,000 to play. Tilly calls with just but she has admitted she has not played much Pot Limit Omaha and was trying to teach herself this afternoon by reading a book on the game.


Tony G And Schwartz Chop It Up

Tony G raises to 13,000 with and it folds around to Luke Schwartz in the big blind who has been dealt ! He three-bets, Tony G four-bet, Schwartz goes all in for 263,000 and Tony G obviously calls.

The flop comes down meaning if a king or eight comes he will have the best had, at the moment it is destined for a chop. Our turn is the which changes nothing and neither does the on the river and the players split the pot.


Level Up

Level 1 has drawn to a close and the blinds have now been increased to 2,000/4,000

The current chip counts are as follows:

Tony G: 665,000
Max Pescatori: 283,000
Matt Giannetti: 281,000
Luke Schwartz: 263,000
Jennifer Tilly: 168,000
James Dempsey: 140,000


Giannetti Represents Flush, Tilly Believes Him

Om a board reading and with 103,000 on the pot, Giannetti bets 47,000 holding and Jennifer Tilly, who has the best hand with but she folds, stating she believes Giannetti has made his flush.


Current Standings of Group A

Here are the current standings of Group A

1st: James Dempsey: 16 points *
2nd: Matt Giannetti: 6 points
3rd: Luke Schwartz: 4 points *
4th: Max Pescatori: 3 points
5th: Tony G: 2 points
6th: Jennifer Tilly: 0 points

* Have used their “double up” card

Players earn eight points for a win, six for a runner-up finish, three for a third place finish, two for coming fourth and one for fifth with the sixth place finisher not receiving a single point. Players each receive a double up card that doubles their points tally for each event and could be vital as it gives the player the chance to earn a massive 16 points!


No Action For Tony G’s Aces But The Cracks Them!


Tony G looks down and sees Ac] looking back at him. He makes it 7,000 to play but nobody wants to play with him and he only picks up the blinds.

A couple of hands later Jennifer Tilly raises to 6,000 and finds callers in the shape of Luke Schwartz and Tony G. Matt Giannetti finds and he bumps it up to 50,00, a bet that only Tony G calls.

Flop: – Tony G leads out with a big bet of 120,000 and Giannetti folds. Tony G had flopped two pair with his .


Dempsey Lacks Heart And Commitment To Fire Third Barrel!

Tony G opens to 7,000 with only to see James Dempsey three-bets to 20,000 with , Tony G calls. The flop comes down , Tony G checks, then calls Dempsey’s 30,000 continuation get.

The turn is the and TonyG checks again, Dempsey fires again increasing it to 65,000 and Tony G calls. Our river card is the and Tony G checks, and Dempsey waits for 90 seconds before checking behind.

The 233,000 pot slides to Tony G and he is approaching 550,000 now, a great start from him.


Tilly Caught Bluffing

On a flop reading sees Jennifer Tilly bet with and Tony G makes the call with trip tens made with his . The turn brings the into play and both players check but when the lands on the river Tilly fires a bet of 50,000 into the 103,000 pot and Tony G instantly calls and wins the pot.


James Dempsey On Tony G and Mixed Games


Schwartz Flops The Nuts

Luke Schwartz raises to 7,000 from the button and both Tony G (SB) and Matt Giannetti (BB) call.

Flop: – Tony G checks, Giannetti checks, Schwartz bets 14,000 and Tony G folds his . Giannetti calls and it is off the the turn.

Turn: – Giannetti checks with the bottom straight holding and Schwartz checks behind.

River: – Giannetti checks again but this time he folds when Schwartz bets 31,000.

Schwartz held and had flopped the nut straight six-to-ten.


Three Pair For Tony G!

Max Pescatori raises to 4,000 with and after three players fold Tony G min-raises to 8,000 with . The flop comes down [, Tony G bets 15,000 and Pescatori snap-folds.

“I had three-pair” jokes Tony G.


Pescatori’s Trips Are Good

Joining the action on thr flop, Max Pescatori checks with , James Dempsey checks holding [Jc[pTs] and Tony G checks holding . All three players check the turn but when the lands on the river Pescatori bets 7,000 and both his opponents fold.


Shuffle Up And Deal

The cards are in the air and Heat 2 of Group A is a go. The players are seated as follows:

  • Seat 1: Tony G
  • Seat 2: Matt Giannetti
  • Seat 3: Max Pescatori
  • Seat 4: James Dempsey
  • Seat 5: Jennifer Tilly
  • Seat 6: Luke Schwartz


Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome back to the exclusive Playboy Club London in Mayfair for the PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship.

Tonight sees the six players from Group A return to their seats to play out Heat 2, which will see the crazy game of Pot Limit Omaha being played. For those who are PLO virgins you are in for a real treat. It plays very similar to Hold’em except each player receives four hole cards instead of two but they must use two and exactly two of their hole cards to make the best five-card poker hand.

Having twice the number of hole cards usually means twice the action which is why many pros love this game. James Dempsey, who won the No Limit Hold’em event last night, is a mixed game specialist and Pot Limit Omaha could be right up his street.

It should be a very interesting night tonight as the likes of Tony G and Luke Schwartz get to splash around in pots with twice as many holecards as they normally do so prepare for some major bad beats and some big hands to be shown down here in London. We will kick off around 1930 so tune in then for all the action, as it happens, from the PartyPoker Premier League.

Current League Table For Group A

  • James Dempsey: 16
  • Matt Giannetti: 6
  • Luke Schwartz: 4
  • Max Pescatori: 3
  • Tony G: 2
  • Jennifer Tilly: 0

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