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Group A Heat 2 of the PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship has been completed and it is Max Pescatori who has emerged victorious and thanks to utilising his “double-up” card now finds himself atop of the points tally with 19 points.

Pescatori played very tightly all the way through proceedings, a strategy that is not seen as standard in short-handed Pot Limit Omaha games but one that was very effective. He spoke after the match and said that he played tightly, without much raising preflop, because he knew the others would try to isolate him in order to force him to commit chips and hopefully bust out, increasing their chances of progressing in the tournament.

One player who was looking to bust Pescatori out of the heat was Tony G, who crushed the opposition in the early and middle stages of the tournament and was up to 1,200,000 chips at one point with only 1,800,000 chips in play! But the wheels eventually fell off and he lost a number of key points at vital stages, including being on the wrong side of an aces versus kings scenario with Pescatori.

The players from Group A will return to their seats on Wednesday and play Pot Limit Omaha and it should be an extremely exciting encounter because both Matt Giannetti and Jennifer Tilly will both be playing their double up cards, which will create a whole new dynamic, especially as Luke Schwartz has to win and hope Giannetti and Tilly bust out early!

Check out the live updates page for a more detailed hand analysis!

Join us on Wednesday 16th at 10:30am for all the action from the third and final heat of Group A.


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