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Finger tapping isn’t just for the nervous people, it applies to slot tournament players as well. But all the dancing paid off for Rosebud5797 of Florida who reeled in the grand prize of $26,500!

44 people risked cramped hands and participated in the World Slots Championship event on board the Million V tournament cruise March 12-19, 2006.

Taking place in the ship’s casino Monday and Tuesday, March 13-14, 2006, the players competed in two five-minute qualifying rounds Monday morning and afternoon. Set on free-play, the action was furious as players pounded the max-bet button to get every last spin out of their machine in the allotted time.

The top 15 overall point winners Monday, plus three wild card entrants selected from all non-advancing players, moved on to the semifinal round Tuesday morning.

To make things more difficult (or worthwhile, depending on how you look at it), the semifinal players spun the reels for a 10-minute session. The clicking was deafening as the players muscled their way through the round where the top five overall point winners and one wild card player advanced to the final round Tuesday afternoon.

The last round was one to witness with every players having their own group of cheering spectators to keep the adrenaline flowing. Some players actually kicked back their chairs and stood for the entire session, maybe feeling that sitting down did not allow for positive form and maximum spin count.

A jackpot in last few minutes of play catapulted Rosebud5797 into the lead, and she amassed a total of 7,504 points. This score left the other five finalists in the dust, yet the distance between second and sixth place was relatively close.

Nillershake from Texas claimed the second-place prize of $10,500 with 4,184 points. She actually finished dead last in the qualifying round, but advanced to the final through the unique wild card drawing.

In third was a direct buy-in, Inspro, and she claimed $6,500 with 3,430 points. Shawniacono from Minnesota was close behind, taking fourth place and $4,250 with 3,066 points. In fifth place, securing a $3,000 prize was merrywinner from Missouri with 3,034 points (just 32 points short of the next level). The final prize winner was mmkurth from Louisiana, winning $2,250 for a 2,688-point effort.

Congratulations to all of our winners.


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