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80 Players
$282,500 Total prize pool

1st Place: $113,000
2nd Place: $56,500
3rd Place: $28,250
4th Place: $16,950
5th Place: $11,300
6th Place: $8,475
7th Place: $5,650
8th – 13th Place: $4,238
14th – 19th Place: $2,825

The intense 21-hand final round of the World Blackjack Championship concluded Saturday afternoon with Tuck64 of Oklahoma leaving the table $113,000 richer!

Lasting almost 45 minutes conservative play was the standard operating procedure as the seven players competed for over $247,000 in cash prizes.

All players made it to the final hand with the a bit of excitement coming on hand 18 when TheSuspected of New York going all in with a $325 wager and his 2X payout ticket. Winning the hand he boosted himself into first place with a total of $925.

Going into the last hand BarbisPoker of Maryland held a close second place with $875. She made the final round by beating another player in a five-hand playoff at the end of their semifinal round table.

A36570, who bought into the tournament on the ship for $2,500, was in third place with $550. Tuck64 nipped at his heels with $525, Croaker_Spin of Connecticut sat in fifth with $325, Knicksns28 of Virginia held sixth with $250, and wild card entrant Mikez48 of California held the low rung with $75.

Knicksns28 lead off final-hand betting with an all-in wager of $250 and received a two-card 15. He eventually hit and busted with a 23 to claim seventh place. Croaker_Spin also put in his full chip stack and pushed with the dealer on 18. Mikez48 bet only $25 and stayed on a two-card 12, but his remaining chips allowed him to claim sixth place with $50.

BarbisPoker made a conservative wager of $75 to maintain her high position, and her 20 was good enough to claim $950 and third place. Trying to make a move on the final hand A36570 bet $475 with his 2X payout card, but with the dealer’s up card of ‘9’ he hit on a hard 15 and busted dropping him to fifth place with $75.

Sitting in first place $925 TheSuspected walked the conservative line with a $75 wager, and he won his hand with a 20 to finish with a $1,000 bank.

But it was Tuck64 who saved his 2X payout coupon to the final hand and pushed in $425 of his $525 bank that made the biggest move. In fourth place entering the final hand he was dealt a 20 and beat the dealer to up his chip count to $1,375 and the tournament victory.

The top 36 chip leaders from Friday, plus six wild card players drawn Saturday morning, played in the semifinal round earlier in the day. The winner at each semifinal table advanced to the final round, and the first and second runners-up at each semifinal table received a cash prize of $4,238 and $2,825, respectively.


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