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The special cut-price starting days of the $1m guaranteed Party Poker Grand Prix have now concluded and 64 players have made it through to day 2. Day 1b saw a further 201 entrants take to the felt, bringing the total number of entrants in the two opening flights to 430. The Party Poker Grand Prix now takes a break until Thursday 28th, when the next starting day (day 1c) takes place,

The chip leader from day 1b is Argentinian Jacques Ammiel Blit, who finished the day on 1,226,000 chips, almost double the count of second placed Jacob Mulhern, from England who bagged up 645,000 cookies.

Here are the combined chip counts of the survivors from day 1a and day 1b

First Name Surname Country Chips
Jacques Ammiel Blit Argentina 1,226,000
David Salamanca Calero Spain 909,000
Guillermo Alejandro Giner Ceballos Spain 876,000
Juuso Keskalito Finland 674,000
Jacob Mulhern England 645,000
Sebastian Mortensen Denmark 631,000
Jonathan Stoll France 623,000
Gaspare Sposato Italy 602,000
Samuel Olave Spain 553,000
Elvijs Kucereruks Latvia 542,000
Marcin Kruk Poland 530,000
Blair Payne-Armstrong Scotland 486,000
Grant Anderson USA 481,000
Andrei Babatie Romania 476,000
Ivan Picavet Belgium 463,000
Nima Saken Shaft Germany 460,000
Joaquin Matias Ruiz Travi Argentina 448,000
Marc Schembri Malta 430,000
Yoan Cody France 405,000
Cyril Vierra France 376,000
Boaz Mizrahi Israel 375,000
Richard Sim Scotland 360,000
Dzintars Lacis Latvia 358,000
Kevin Francica Malta 357,000
Elamine Oukerimi Mohamed Italy 349,000
Abdellah Baali Algeria 342,000
Rares Bodea Malta 332,000
Maria Vourlidaki Romania 313,000
Vyacheslav Churkin Russia 309,000
Hugo Loustau France 301,000
Fabian Donovan England 284,000
Mantas Petrauskas Lithuania 284,000
Victor Bedy USA 258,000
Brian Calleja Malta 255,000
Clement Kerrien Malta 250,000
Richard Bouette France 247,000
Alessandro Roganti Italy 245,000
Salvatore Ritrovato Italy 230,000
Xabi Carricart France 228,000
Danas Dambrauskas Lithuania 220,000
Gorjan Jakimovski North Macedonia 214,000
Ahmed Ibrahimi France 212,000
Alexandre Arabia France 210,000
Jens Voertmann Germany 207,000
Thomas Bellanger France 199,000
Marc Sanz Clausin Spain 199,000
Emanuel Antonacci Italy 194,000
Stepen Caruana Malta 192,000
Carmelo Maugeri Italy 180,000
Johannes Kuusisto Finland 172,000
Ernesto Maiorca Italy 171,000
Michael Cauchi Malta 170,000
Kamil Skawinski Poland 158,000
Giulio Spampinato Italy 156,000
Guiseppe Incognito Italy 153,000
Salvatore Caruso Italy 152,000
Maxime Chilaud France 152,000
Romain Nardin France 126,000
Gaetano Reale Italy 121,000
Jason Grima Malta 115,000
Andre Grech Malta 108,000
Soner Vanelderen Belgium 100,000
Tanguy Pellerin France 98,000
Erik Lindqwist Sweden 92,000


Jonathan Raab

MILLIONS Malta Media Coordinator


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