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PartyPoker player “Bencb7890” was one of 1,325 entrants in the latest Sunday Carnival, a $22 buy-in $30,000 guaranteed progressive knockout tournament. After the first day’s action, all but 16 of those starters had been eliminated, and Bencb7890 was the one who bagged the chip lead.

Being the chip leader is a great position to be in, but it far from guarantees a victory. However, Bencb7890 built on their fantastic Day 1 performance and came out on top after an action-packed Day 2, and turned their $22 investment into $3,764.

Sunday Carnival Day 2 Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Chips
1 Bencb7890 16,944,294
2 Gladidag 16,185,005
3 justclicking 14,639,533
4 Wed1n 11,936,070
5 Forro-e-cerveja 11,160,322
6 Gforrai1983 10,990,902
7 Keniksberg 10,297,533
8 DOYOUBELIEVEme 9,831,907
9 Ricky9967 7,165,904
10 davajdolary 5,609,818

With bounty payments included, each of the nine players sat at the final table locked in at least $342 for their efforts, while the final three finishers would each take home more than $1,600.

“davajdolary” and “justclicking” were the first two finalists heading for the exits, doing so with $342 and $403 to show for their substantial efforts. “Gladidag,” who started Day 2 second in chips, faltered in seventh place, a finish worth $547, before “El Cucuy88” bowed out in sixth for a $638 payout.

Fifth place and $808 went to “Gforrai1983,” with the final three-figure sum, $987, finding its way to the PartyPoker account of “Keniksberg.”

“Linhy7348” sat down on Day 2 outside of the top ten, yet managed to navigate their way to an impressive third-place finish and equally as impressive $1,688 payout. Theirs was the penultimate elimination, and it set up a one-on-one battle between Bencb7890 and “ghettoDynamite” for the title and the largest slice of the $30,000 prize pool.

The final battle went Bencb7890’s way, and they became our latest Sunday Carnival champion, an accolade that came with a bankroll-boosting $3,764 score. Our runner-up headed home with $2,158 reasons to be happy with how their tournament went.

Sunday Carnival Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Bencb7890 $1,839 $1,925 $3,764
2 ghettoDynamite $237 $1,921 $2,158
3 Linhy7348 $419 $1,269 $1,688
4 Keniksberg $166 $821 $987
5 Gforrai1983 $250 $558 $808
6 El Cucuy88 $209 $429 $638
7 Gladidag $232 $315 $547
8 justclicking $154 $249 $403
9 davajdolary $146 $196 $342

Jbiancolini Comes From 10th in Chips to Win the Sunday Party

“Jbiancolini” is $12,363 richer than they were a few days ago courtesy of becoming the Sunday Party champion. The eventual winner made it through to Day 2 of the $109 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed PKO event, finishing 10th of 16 from the 982 PartyPoker players who started the tournament with high hopes.

Team PartyPoker’s Jaime Staples crashed out in 324th place and banked a $50 bounty. His brother Matt Staples did not play in this week’s Sunday Party because he is currently in Malta for the PartyPoker LIVE MILLIONS festival.

At the end of Day 1, with 16 players remaining, “whitesugar96” found themselves with the chip lead and by some 5.5 million chips.

Sunday Party Day 2 Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Chips
1 whitesugar96 16,944,294
2 Yuri Zahard 11,404,258
3 thefifapro 8,905,084
4 Av.ReiAlberol 6,866,386
5 KlausSchwab 6,688,116
6 benzemahal 6,373,160
7 BerriSwEEE27 5,273,277
8 Darkii9 5,271,872
9 MF96FM 5,153,420
10 Jbiancolini 5,149,235

Remember how we said holding the chip lead did not guarantee success? Well it didn’t for the aforementioned whitesugar96. However, they did manage to navigate their way to a third-place finish, which saw their $109 investment turn into a much more usable $5,513.

With whitesugar96 dissolved, “Yuro Zahard” and Jbiancolini set about battling one another to determine who would become the Sunday Party champion this week. Both secured mor than $6,400 from the main prize pool, leaving almost $6,000 worth of bounties up for grabs. Jbiancolini defeated their final opponent, and celebrated reeling in a total score worth $12,363, leaving Yuro Zahard to pad their bankroll with $7,794.

Sunday Party Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Jbiancolini $5,949 $6,414 $12,363
2 Yuro Zahard $1,391 $6,403 $7,794
3 whitesuger96 $1,264 $4,249 $5,513
4 holgeren $487 $2,762 $3,249
5 thefifapro $1,707 $1,891 $3,598
6 KlausSchwab $533 $1,461 $1,994
7 MF96FM $274 $1,081 $1,354
8 MegaMove87 $442 $862 $1,304
9 BerriSwEEE27 $473 $686 $1,159

Don’t forget you can win your way into the Sunday Carnival and Sunday Party for as little as $0.01. If you have been on the fence about playing in either of them, remember that a lot of professionals who usually play the Sunday Party will be in Malta grinding the PartyPoker LIVE MILLIONS events, and won’t be present on Sunday! This will make the field softer than usual, improving your chances of following in the footsteps of Jbiancolini.


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