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Happy Valentines Day to you all. The 14th of February is a very special day in my life as you know deep down I’m a lover and not a fighter.

Paris – what a place to spend Valentines Day? The home of Pepe Le Pew and Dr Love – can you feel the love tonight?

I love you all and I really mean it. Last night I was honoured to win European Poker Personality of the Year at the European Poker Awards hosted by

As you can see from this picture I was emotional (or tired and emotional)- I will leave you to guess. I was really happy to win and congratulate all the others who picked up awards too. The fact that the award was in memorial of Rob Gardner, a man who all of us in poker have to thank made it even more special.

I would like to thank Bruno Fitoussi and everyone at the Aviation Club for making my trip here so amazing and I was genuinely touched that Poker Europa founder and editor Nic Szeremeta walked away with a lifetime achievement award. Nic was one of those who helped create the poker media – it if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have had the opportunities that i have had.

Tiniest potential of being world class

Anyway, to business – the Tony G v France sit and go last night – I didn’t win but I did destroy Mr Fitoussi’s cognac and helped him with his staff relations as you will see here. The online qualifier won – well done mate – you qualified and good luck in the high rollers.

I would still maintain that I was the only player on the table with even the tiniest potential of being world class – I’m not counting Bruno Fitoussi as he is too old. What happened to ‘boa constrictor’ Guilluame Darcourt? Bike time for him, first out – no chance of him walking my dog down the Champs Elysees.

I still maintain that French players are the second worse players in the world after the Russians. Nothing has changed my opinion. You were all feeding me fine spirits and fine wine but I still felt in complete control the whole time. I was in high spirits from my high spirits – it’s not every day you win an award. Want a rematch? Will I see you at WPT Vienna in March?

I have been doing some work over here doing videos for a promotion for They are offering the chance for players to win a trip to Vegas every single night. Phenomenal news this – bring the French fishies to Sin City, bring them to me everywhere. Though today I am feeling humble I still have to say that I own French players. I own them 365 days a year – even on Valentines Day.

You know what? I got caught up at the Awards so missed the Sunday Bike Ride. Sorry about that, I am going to add $100 to the prizepool next week. Remember, there is still $100 up for grabs for the caption competition too.


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