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The three KO Series Main Events shuffled up and dealt for the first time on January 16 and it is “PALbICH” who finished as the chip leader in the $1 million guaranteed tournament.

Plenty more went on during the day’s action, here are the KO Series highlights in case you missed them.

KO Series #21 – Main Event Day 1A Top 10 Chip Counts

Some 417 players turned out for the $1,050 KO Series Main Event and Day 1A ended with only 63 of those starters still in contention for the title of champion and the lion’s share of the $1 million guaranteed prize pool.

“PALbICH” was the only player to bag up more than two million chips, 2,217,211 to be exact. There’s still a long, long way to go in this tournament but the Day 1A chip leader has done their chances of glory no harm at all by getting off to a blistering start.

“PhatToad” and “ChocolateLover” finished second and third in chips when the curtain came down on proceedings. We have to give a special mention to fourth-placed “STDCALLRANGEXD” who finished their Day 1A with 1,476,331 before bagging up more than $1.5 million chips in the $109 Mini KO Series Main Event! What an incredible achievement that is.

Place Player Chips
1 PALbICH 2,217,211
2 PhatToad 1,647,532
3 ChocolateLover 1,549,987
5 fofty 1,408,261
6 omduvavaken 1,376,404
7 LickByCev 1,275,948
8 Deldunsio 1,212,615
9 SevenDev1l 1,193,780
10 Kabuzzz 1,028,859

KO Series #21 – Mini Main Event Day 1A Top 10 Chip Counts

“Oohan1” finished Day 1A of the $109 Mini Main Event with a tournament-leading 2,622,133 chips. The starting field of 1,502 was whittled down to a more manageable 225 over the course of six hours.

Two other Day 1A players finished their flight with more than two-million chips in front of them. The 2,250,437 stack of “OelaPaloema” was enough for second-place in the overnight standings while the 2,057,245 of “buck21” placed them third right now.

Congratulations to STDCALLRANGEXD who finished in the top 10 chip counts courtesy of their 1,576,066 stack in addition to being fourth in chips in the $1,050 Main Event.

Place Player Chips
1 Oohan1 2,622,133
2 OelaPaloema 2,250,437
3 buck21 2,057,245
4 NOT HERE 1,846,861
5 MrWozza 1,776,860
6 mochalov1399 1,707,799
7 DomiH1978 1,692,116
8 DeejayRelio 1,688,532
9 spicytuna 1,628,464

KO Series #21 – Micro Main Event Day 1A Top 10 Chip Counts

The $11 buy-in $50,000 guaranteed Micro Main Event drew in a crowd of 2,679 players and only 402 of them punched their Day 2 tickets at the first attempt.

Each of the players who finished in the top 10 at the close of play return to the action armed with stacks containing more than two-million betting tokens!

Nobody accumulated more chips than “Stro” and their 2,755,739 stack, although two other partypoker grinders finished with more than 2.7 million chips. “bigmoneysundays” is currently in second place courtesy of a 2,724,767 stack while “selectedgolem” finds themselves in third place with 2,718,637 chips.

Place Player Chips
1 Stro 2,755,739
2 bigmoneysundays 2,724,767
3 selectedgolem 2,718,637
4 Angry Regular 2,458,239
5 andone0199 2,387,534
6 sknara 2,268,222
7 mathematic13 2,142,481
8 Gestintuvas0 2,074,585
9 maxbro 2,028,179
10 billouris13 2,011,194

Other KO Series Results From January 16

The three Warm Up events crowned their champions on Saturday and “LOCOLlama93” was the biggest winner of that trio. LOCOLlama93 finished on top of the $320 KO Series #20 Warm Up finishing places and become a KO Series champion. The victory came with a combined prize worth an impressive $36,876.

“vaksto” was the winner of the $33 buy-in Mini Warm Up, which resulted in an $11,800 score, while “Donciukas” walked away with $1,639 and bragging rights by being the last player standing in the $11 buy-in Warm-Up.

  • LOCOLlama93 – first-place in the $320 KO Series #20 Warm Up for $36,876
  • vaksto – first-place in the $33 KO Series #20 Mini Warm Up for $11,800
  • Vanessa23 – first-place in the $109 KO Series 6-Max Turbo Battle for $8,257
  • Donciukas – first-place in the $11 KO Series Mini 6-Max Turbo Battle for $1,639
  • Bittencourth – first-place in the $3.30 KO Series #20 Micro Warm Up for $1,142
  • der_Steppenw0lf – first-place in the $1.10 KO Series Micro 6-Max Turbo Battle for $148

KO Series Scheduled For January 17

Day 1B of the Main Events at 19:05 GMT are the highlights of January 17. There are plenty of satellites plus KO Series edition SPINS if you want to play in this huge tournaments but don’t necessarily have the bankroll to do so.

Time (GMT) Tournament Buy-in
16:05 KO Series Deepstack 8-Max Fast: $75K Gtd $55
16:05 KO Series Mini Deepstack 8-Max Fast: $10K Gtd $5.50
16:05 KO Series Micro Deepstack 8-Max Fast: $750 Gtd $0.55
19:05 KO Series #21 Main Event Day 1B: $1M Gtd $1,050
19:05 KO Series #21 Mini Main Event Day 1B: $300K Gtd $109
19:05 KO Series #21 Micro Main Event Day 1B: $50K Gtd $11
22:05 KO Series Mix-Max Turbo: $75K Gtd $320
22:05 KO Series Mini Mix-Max Turbo: $30K Gtd $33
22:05 KO Series Micro Mix-Max Turbo: $3K Gtd $3.30

SPINS Your Way to KO Series Tickets

A full raft of KO Series satellites running through the series but you may want to also check out the KO Series SPINS They only cost $10 to enter yet award either $20 cash or KO Series tickets worth between $33 and $2,100!

Multiplier 1st prize Frequency in 1M Games
2 $20 631,954
3.3 $33 KO Series Ticket 240,755
5.5 $55 KO Series Ticket 123,391
10.9 $109 KO Series Ticket 3,000
32 $320 KO Series Ticket 500
53 $530 KO Series Ticket 250
105 $1,050 KO Series Ticket 100
210 $2,100 KO Series Ticket 50

There are also loads of KO Series satellites running each day, giving you the chance to turn a small investment into a major poker title and a bankroll-boosting prize.

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