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The latest edition of the $200K Guaranteed Sunday ended in a two-way deal that saw padredetres and Scrat4es walk away with $34,822.18 and $33,176.13 respectively – not a bad wage for less than 12 hours’ work!

It took nine and a half hours for the 1,139 entrants to be reduced to the final table of nine, by which point each of the players who had chips in front of their name was guaranteed to take home at least $2,050.20. As the first cards of the final table hit the virtual felt, the players lined up as follows:

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw

Seat Player Chips
1 Jamittelija 1,169,680
2 padredetres 1,046,588
3 IgrulyaXuEVa 788,022
4 fisHalal 486,136
5 Borgland 428,507
6 PAXTER 351,854
7 R.I.P.VAG. 544,239
8 Scrat4es 363,677
9 wuzetian 374,662
10 KungBjolle 129,635

The very first hand of the final table saw KungBjolle double up when his held against the of IgrulyaXuEVa. It turned out to be an important hand because it put KungBjolle back in contention.

Unlike in previous weeks where the eliminations came thick and fast from the world go, it took more than 60 hands of play before the final table lost its first player. The action folded all the way around to the button where R.I.P.VAG. was seated and he moved all in for 247,000 chips exactly (blinds 10,000/20,000/2,000a). Scrat4es called from the small blind and turned over , which was ahead of the of the button. R.I.P.VAG. caught a five on the flop, but Scrat4es spiked an ace on the river to win the hand.

KungBjolle was the next player eliminated. He had been on a real rollercoaster of day, having doubled up on the first hand of the final table, doubled again with kings versus ace-king and then lost most of those chips back. His tournament ended when he found on the button and three-bet all in for 355,065 after fisHalal had min-raised to 40000 from early position. Unfortunately for KungBjolle, fisHalal snap-called with the and when the board ran out , KungBjolle’s tournament was over.

Next to go was Borgland who crashed out at the hand of padredetres. The latter clicked it open to 50,000 from middle position, a bet that folded out the next two players to act. Borgland looked down at and opted to ship his 413,407 stack into the middle with it. Padredetres called with the dominating and when the five community cards ran out it was game over for Borgland and padredetres climbed to more than 1.5 million chips.

A few hands later and the final table was down to six players when a desperately short stacked Jamittelija moved all in for 162,558 chips from the button during the 12,500/25,000/2,500a level. Jamittelija made the move with the lowly and padredetres called from the small blind seat with . As he had done in previous hands, padredetres hit a pair on the river – although he did not need to because his ace-high was the best hand anyway – to bust a player from the $200K Guaranteed Sunday.

Six became five when padredetres continued to eliminate opponents for fun. Padredetres opened with a min-raise to 50,000 and then called when wuzetian moved all in for 328,848 from his seat in the big blind. Wuzetian flipped the onto their backs and discovered he was trailing to the of his opponents. Neither player improved on the board and wuzetian exited in sixth place.

Almost 100 more hands played out before the field size was reduced by one. From under the gun, PAXTER moved all-in for 264,212 (blinds 20,000/40,000/4,000a) with what turned out to be and it looked like he would win the ample blinds and antes because the other active players got out of the way. That was until fisHalal decided to look him up from the big blind with his . PAXTER extended his lead on the flop, but when the turn and river fell and , fisHalal improved to a flush and PAXTER crashed out.

One hand later and IgrulyaXuEVa joined the eliminated players on the sidelines. With the blinds still at 20,000/40,000/4,000a, IgrulyaXuEVa open-shipped for 607,416 from under-the-gun with and was instantly called by padredetres in the bg blind who was sat waiting with pocket queens. A seven-high board with only one heart was not what IgrulyaXuEVa was looking for and the tournament was down to its final three players.

Those three players battled it out for a few hands before a massive pot went down that sent fisHalal to the rail. fisHalal opened to 100,000 on the button, only to see Scrat4es move all in for 1,671,928 from the small blind. Padredetres folded in the big blind and fisHalal called! The flop catapulted fisHalal into the lead and left Scrat4es looking for two outs. One of those outs, the appeared on the turn to leave fisHalal drawing dead. When the inconsequential completed the board, fisHalal’s seat emptied.

The chip counts of the last two players were almost even; padredetres held 3,017370 chips to Scrat4es’ 2,677,630.

The tournament ended on the very next hand when both players agreed to use the deal-making feature of the partypoker software. After seeing the figures based on a chip-chop, both players said yes to the deal and walked away with more than $33,000 each.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results

Rank Player Prize
1st padredetres $34,822.18*
2nd Scrat4es $33,176.13*
3rd fisHalal $14,920.90
4th IgrulyaXuEVa $12,642.90
5th PAXTER $10,364.90
6th wuzetian $8,086.90
7th Jamittelija $5,808.90
8th Borgland $3,758.70
9th KungBjolle $2,619.70
10th R.I.P.VAG. $2,050.20

*reflects a deal struck when heads-up.

A superb outcome for padredetres who finished seventh in this tournament on October 6. Congratulations to everyone who cashed in this week’s $200k Guaranteed Sunday, here’s to you doing the same next Sunday.

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