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We thought about everyone when we created the Cash Game Leaderboards. Promotions are often geared towards high stakes players because some poker sites, not us, think poker is all about winning massive sums of money.

The smaller stakes players often get forgotten about, even if they win a prize that is huge compared to the stakes they play for. Again, not us.

Our $1 million Cash Game Leaderboards are split in such a way that our players from $0.01/$0.02 right up to $2.50/$5 have the chance of giving their bankroll a significant boost. Winning one of these leaderboards can see players bankroll’s given a significant boost. Just ask “Oopsman” and “ICMasta.”

Oopsman Wins 1,000 Big Blinds!

Oopsman hails from Belarus and doesn’t rate his poker skills too highly, although we think he was joking when he said: “I’m the fish.”

He spends most of his spare time with his wife and son, but heard about the Cash Game Leaderboard promotion on the Russian poker site GipsyTeam and decided to give it a shot.

The Belarusian frequents the lower stakes at partypoker, doing so after receiving a free $50 in a promotion a few years ago.

“I saw an advertisement on a sports site and decided to take a chance. Now I Play NL2 to NL25 just for fun.”

It was at the NL2 tables that Oopsman opted to get his grind on at. Little did he know at the time that his determination to win would see him log 75 hours at the tables!

Oopsman played $0.01/$0.02 NLHE for 75-Hours!

“I realised I could win the leaderboard on the last day! My nearest opponent was very tough but I did it. I had to play a lot of extra hands, it took me 75 hours of play!

The epic grind was worth it because he banked the $200 top prize. This equates to 1,000 big blinds at the stakes he was playing, which is a mightily impressive reward.

Winning the leaderboard means Oopsman is a big fan of the promotion, as you’d expect. He’d also make a couple of alterations to the current setup.

“I’d like an increase in prize money and maybe some monthly leaderboard as a bonus. Personally, I’d like to play until 00:00 CET and not 09:95 CET and it would be great to have some personal stickers for the players and for the winner.”

Low Stakes PLO Grind Awards ICMasta $500

Ukraine’s “ICMasta” is a 36-year-old who started playing poker in the mid 2000s. He started his poker career playing primarily No-Limit Hold’em but now Omaha is his main discipline. He’s obviously an action junkie because when it comes to tournament poker, “I like to play turbo, hyper-turbo tournaments and SPINS.”

ICMasta learned of the Cash Game Leaderboards via his friends. He now owes those friends a drink because he finish on top of the $0.02/$0.05 PLO leaderboard and padded his bankroll with an impressive $500.

It wasn’t until the final weekend that ICMasta decided to push on and try to win the leaderboard outright.

To be honest, I was lucky,” ICMasta said to the partypoker blog. “Firstly, my rivals were very tough. Second, I was only playing for third place in the beginning, but in sport you always have to play until the end. I was able to significantly narrow the gap at the weekend. The Sunday was a real marathon, I had never played so many cash games simultaneously before.”

That extra push reaped the rewards for the Ukrainian as he’s now a Cash Game Leaderboard champion.

Despite winning, ICMasta would like to see the leaderboard extend to paying 25 players so more people can enjoy the sweet taste of success.

He gave us some tips and a word of advice before he had to rush off back to his investment projects.

“Practise conservative bankroll management and practise non-stop. You need to learn from your mistakes too. If you work hard enough, the success will come.”

Indeed it will. Good luck to everyone grinding the $1 Million Cash Game Leaderboard this week.

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