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What is it they say about form and class? That form is temporary, but class is permanent? One man who oozes class at the poker table is Sweden’s FergieTime5 who online poker aficionados will probably know better as the legend that is eisenhower_1.

The professional poker player from Sweden has been a force to be reckoned with since he first emerged onto the scene as early at 2006. Since then, he has amassed more than $6.1 million in online tournament winnings and $300,000 more in the live arena.

$22,254.38 of his huge total stemmed from him winning the latest instalment of the partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday on October 6. Interested in how things panned out for him at the final table? Then let’s pick up from there.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (October 5, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
2 BarDaBum 168,466
3 v1nividivici 754,592
4 TheNorfTopol 336,921
5 filip197000_ 792,903
6 BoxXXxer 461,269
7 FergieTime5 899,847
8 I_GO_DEEP 753,376
9 dkjktif 575,740

FergieTime5 went into the nine-handed final table first in chips and when a player of his ability is the chip leader it is usually bad news for anyone sat with them. Within 30 hands he had doubled his stack and was in a commanding position.

I_GO_DEEP Goes Home in Ninth Place

The first exit from the final table was that of I_GO_DEEP who min-raised to 30,000 from the button with , saw DESZTROLLER re-raise to 81,865 from the big blind and decided to jam all-in for 337,950 in total. It is a move that may have worked had DESZTROLLER not been sat there with .

It was a simple call to make and call he did. The flop hit DESZTROLLER and left I_GO_DEEP needing to find out of the two remaining threes in the deck. The on the turn wasn’t one of them and neither was the river and I_GO_DEEP went no further.

v1nividivici Vanquished in Eighth

Two hands later and DESZTROLLER found ace-king again and used it to send v1nividivici to the sidelines. FergieTime5 min-raised to 40,000 from middle position and DESZTROLLER flat-called from the button. From the big blind, v1nividivici squeezed all-in for 405,377 and FergieTime5 folded. DESZTROLLER called and the cards were flipped onto their backs.


The ace-king was a 75% favourite to win the hand preflop and that improved to 87% on the flop. The provided outs to a chop for v1nividivici, but those outs failed to arrive on the river, the did instead. Game over for v1nividivici.

The frantic pace continued and 11 hands after v1nividivici’s demise, TheNorfTopol crashed out in seventh place.

TheNorfTopol Frozen Out and Finishes Seventh

Down to slightly more than six big blinds, TheNorfTopol open-shoved all-in for 122,226 from late position with the and it looked like he would win the blinds and antes. That was until dkjktif called from the big blind having been dealt . Neither player improved in the board and the ace-high of dkjktif was enough to end TheNorfTopol’s dreams for another week.

BarDaBum Busts in Sixth Place

FergieTime5 then came from behind to eliminate BarDaBum in sixth place. After raising to 40,000 from under the gun, FergieTime5 called the all-in three-bet of 145,874 from BarDaBum on the button. BarDaBum showed and was narrowly ahead of the of the eventual champion.

The flop kept BarDaBum ahead, although the on the turn meant FergieTime5 was not yet dead and buried. In fact quite the opposite was true because the on the river gifted FergieTime5 a flush and resigned BarDaBum to a sixth place finish.

Another coinflip 25 hands after BarDaBum busted took the tournament life of BoxXer x . A min-raise to 50,000 from under the gun by BoxXXxer x was met with a three-bet to 125,000 from dkjktif on the button. BoxXXxer x responded with an all-in four-bet of 625,495 and dkjktif opted to call.

Fifth Place for Knocked Out BoxXXer x

It was the of djkjtif versus the of BoxXXxer x. These confrontations are often called races, but this race was over before it started with the flop leaving BoxXXxer x drawing to a runner-runner straight; something that will only happen around 2% of the time. The on the turn locked up the hand for dkjktif and when the meaningless completed the five community cards, BoxXXxer x was knocked out.

filip197000_ Loses Flip; Finishes Fourth

Four-handed play lasted 26 hands and ended with a huge pot that gave DESZTROLLER the chip lead. The blinds were now 15,000/30,000/3,000a and DESZTROLLER opened to 60,000 from the butto. filip197000_ defended his small blind with a three-bet to 180,000 only to see FergieTime5 four-bet from the big blind to 354,695. DESZROLLER then moved all-in for 1,539,978 and filip197000_ called, putting FergieTime5 in a tough spot. The talented Swede knew he wasn’t in good shape and made a fold, before watching the of DESZTROLLER go to battle with the of his now sole opponent.

The jacks in DESZTROLLER remained best as the five community cards fell and only three players remained in the hunt for the title, DESZTROLLER holding more than half of the chips in play.

dkjktif Demolished in Third

Next to fall was dkjktif 27 hands into three-handed play. FergieTime5 raised to 80,000 on the button and dkjktif made a stand and re-raised all-in for 21 big blinds from the small blind with . DESZTROLLER folded in the big blind, but FergieTime5 called with Js] to put dkjktif at risk of elimination.

That risk became a reality when the board ran , leaving FergieTime5 (3,160,113) to lock horns heads-up with DESZTROLLER (1,909,887) for the title of champion.

DESZTROLLER took the lead on the very first hands of heads-up, flopping an ace and called down three streets of aggression from FergieTime5 on a board.

After almost 60 hands of one-on-one play, the players agreed to use the partypoker deal making software and split the remaining prize pool and end the tournament. With FergieTime5 having more chips at the time of the deal, he was declared this week’s champion. FergieTime5 took home $22,254.38 with DESZTROLLER claiming $21,645.63.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (October 5, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 FergieTime5 $22,254.38*
2 DESZTROLLER $21,645.63*
3 dkjktif $9,800
4 filip197000_ $7,400
5 BoxXXxer x $5,300
6 BarDaBum $3,900
7 TheNorfTopol $2,900
8 v1nividivici $2,400
9 I_GO_DEEP $1,920

*reflects a heads-up deal

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