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Chip Counts

So one level done and the players who most need a top two finish in this heat are the players who’ve got off to the fastest start. Blinds have just gone 2,000 – 4,000.

The players chip stacks are as below. The +/- figure in brackets is their profit/loss since the end of the last level and the big blind figure is how many they have for the current level.

Antonio Esfandiari 423,000 (+123,000) 106 big blinds
Scott Seiver – 362,000 (+62,000) 91 big blinds
Phil Hellmuth – 341,000 (+41,000) 85 big blinds
Jonathan Duhamel – 295,000 (-5,000) 74 big blinds
Jungleman – 286,000 (-14,000) 72 big blinds
Daniel Negreanu – 242,000 (-58,000) 61 big blinds
Sam Trickett – 237,000 (-63,000) 59 big blinds
Marvin Rettenmaier – 214,000 (-86,000) 54 big blinds

Good level for

Antonio Esfandiari The 18 million dollar man was bottom of the league table coming into this heat and desperately needs a top two finish to give himself a foothold in the group. He’s got off to a great start here flopping a set and getting three streets (see below).

Phil Hellmuth He got bluffed big time by Daniel Negreanu in the last heat, but hadn’t found out by the time he busted. He was though apparently a little steamed up. Co-commentator Phil Laak was hoping that the players would give him a little needle tonight. But so far everything’s going swimmingly for Hellmuth.

Bad level for

Daniel Negreanu “He should be playing like he’s gone down to the mall and got some new sneakers,” said Jesse May. In short Negreanu, who’s currently third needs anything but the bagel in this heat to put himself in a position where he should make the top five. He’s lost a chunk of his stack in the opening level though.

Sam Trickett Much like Negreanu the Brit needs to keep his score ticking over to keep him in the top five. Yet there he was putting out a blind straddle under-the-gun and it’s cost him. A bagel would see him in real trouble heading into the last heat.

Marvin Rettenmaier As with the two names above him Marvin Rettenmaier is one of the players with the most to lose by going out first, despite that he’s playing fast and some would say too loose. He’s bottom of the pile right now, if he finishes there mid table might be the best he can hope for.

Hand of the level

The Magician finally got his Premier League going in a hand against Daniel Negreanu…

Antonio Esfandiari raised it up with pocket nines and Negreanu called with , Antonio proceeded to bet all three streets of the board, with the river bet being 54,000. Negreanu began talking out loud about what Antonio’s various holdings might be, the first hand he named was pocket nines, but despite this he couldn’t get away and called the bet.

He saw the bad news and the 203,000 chip pot was pushed to Esfandiari.

View from the booth

“This could be a fun night if Hellmuth gets a few.” – Jesse May on how he’d like to see what happens if Phil Hellmuth gets a stack together.

“I don’t think Antonio is going to get out of line early on,” Phil Laak on his close friend Antonio Esfandiari who is currently bottom of the group.

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