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Chip Counts

Tobias Reinkemeier has once again been fast out of the blocks, but Tony G has been super aggressive and has been all in on at least three occasions. It looks like he is attempting to go big or go home trying.

The players chip stacks are as below. The +/- figure in brackets is their profit/loss since the end of the last level and the big blind figure is how many they have for the current level. Blinds are now 2,000/4,000.

Tobias Reinkemeier – 382,000 (+82,000) – 95.5 big blinds
Jennifer Tilly – 378,000 (+78,000) – 94.5 big blinds
Tony G – 372,000 (+72,000) – 93 big blinds
Phil Laak – 294,000 (-6,000) – 73.5 big blinds
Jason Mericer – 263,000 (-37,000) – 65.75 big blinds
Talal Shekerchi – 262,000 (-38,000) – 65.5 big blinds
Igor Kurganov – 211,000 (-89,000) – 52.75 big blinds

Good level for

Tobias Reinkemeier – As has been the case throughout the Premier League, Tobias Reinkemeier leads in Group B. At this rate he is going to have a huge stack going into the final table.

Bad level for

Igor Kurganov – The Russian has slid down to the bottom of the chip counts after the first level. Only a win will do for Kurganov so he need to halt the slide ASAP.

Hand of the level

Dan Shak opened to 5,000 with the and his only customer was Tony G with the . The flop saw Shak continue with a 5,000 bet and Tony G raise it up to 20,000. Phil Hellmuth commented that he though Tony G should have just called the 5,000 bet because Shak may come over the top of his raise. That is exactly what happened as Shak raised to 50,000. This did not worry Tony G at all because he moved all in for 293,000 and although Shak all but put Tony G on his exact holding, he folded and left Tony G to scoop the pot.

View from the booth

“A lot of good players play pairs like they are up against ace-king.” – free coaching from Phil Hellmuth

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