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Our Meet the partypoker People segment made its debut last week when we sat down and spoke to Liverpool’s John Garside who, after only nine days of being a partypoker customer, won a $6,000 Kings of Vegas package.

We have another Kings of Vegas winner to introduce you to this week so step forward, Mr Kenneth Vass.

Kenneth, from Canada, has been playing poker on a casual basis for the past 10 years and is going to need to draw on all of the experience when he jets off to Las Vegas to compete for a slice of the massive $2 million guaranteed prize pool the WPT500 Aria boasts.

“I’m very excited, but also a bit nervous to be honest – I’ve never actually played a live event or even handled real chips,” said Kenneth before adding, “it’s a great opportunity to try it out, but I will definitely need to work on my poker face.”

We’re sure those nerves will settle down, especially as Kenneth will be in good company, having chosen to take his father, Bob, with him as part of his Kings of Vegas package.

“He’s a great guy and we get along well, and he’s helped me out a lot over the years so this was a good chance to show my appreciation. He’s also been to Vegas a few times so he’s excited to show me around the many places he’s enjoyed.”

Kenneth’s father was with him when he took down the Kings of Vegas final in just under six hours, making the experience even more special.

“My dad was actually here so I shouted to him when I got to the final table and we both watched in amazement as the various players were eliminated and my stack size kept growing – it was exhilarating.”

Are you wondering how Kenneth and Bob reacted to securing this package of a lifetime?

“There was an ecstatic high-five and a very loud, “VEGAS BABY!”

What a fantastic memory, we can only imagine the adrenaline rush they experienced together.

Bob’s past visits to the place affectionately known as “Sin City” could prove invaluable as Kenneth has never set foot in the Nevada desert, preferring to head to Asian destinations on vacation, Nepal and Thailand his countries of choice.

“I love to travel the world but I tend to go to cheaper places because my dollar allows for many more experiences there, so Vegas was never really on my radar. But now that I have the opportunity, and some spending money, I am incredibly excited!”

After receiving an offer from partypoker’s direct mail campaign, Kenneth freerolled his way to a $6,000 holiday and poker package so you can imagine how fond he is of the Kings of Vegas promotion.

When Kenneth and Bob head to Vegas this summer, their main goal is to enjoy themselves by creating some special memories together.

“In my mind, I’ve already won what I set out to win. When I was playing the tournament on partypoker, I was just imagining how cool it would be to experience that victory, and somehow it actually happened! So with that said, I do hope to play well in the WPT500 of course, but mainly I’m just going to enjoy my time wandering Vegas and having fun with my pops!”

Only about six weeks away, we don’t have long to wait to find out if either Kenneth or Bob manage to go deep in the WPT500.

To qualify for a Kings of Vegas Coinflip Sit & Go entry this week, all you need to do is earn a solitary point playing any Multi Table Tournament before Saturday at 23:59 CET.

Do this, get lucky in the coinflip and you’ll win a seat to the Kings of Vegas final on Sunday where you could follow in the footsteps of Kenneth Vass, another potential King of Vegas.

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