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Now over 50% of partypoker’s players will receive cashback on a weekly basis!

As we wrote about in April, partypoker will be rolling out their new cashback program to the dot com network very soon. Target launch date is Monday 20th June 2022.

The current partypoker cashback program has been around for over four years now and when introduced was the only such scheme available from the major poker operators. It was designed to reward players with an escalating rakeback percentage, and helped partypoker grow games and win market share from its competitors.

Now with other major operators offering their own versions, partypoker is changing its cashback to a new scheme that will reward many many more players than before.

Today’s partypoker cashback program sees around 20% of players receive cashback every week, which means that 80% of players receive no weekly cashback rewards. And that’s the biggest single change the new cashback program brings

From 20% to over 50% receiving weekly cashback

By redesigning the cashback program, partypoker will vastly extend the percentage of players who will receive cashback each week. Now over 50% of players are expected to receive some weekly cashback rewards.

Today’s cashback program means a player has to generate approximately $25 in “rake” before they are eligible to earn cashback. Well, that threshold is being lowered. Lowered to as little as $1.50. That’s not a typo, it really is as low as $1.50.

Variable Points per $1 raked

Today’s cashback program rewards 1 cashback point per $1 raked. The new scheme offers variable rates of points per $1, with fastforward poker generating up to 4 points per $1. This new element means players of certain game types will earn points faster, than players of others. The full breakdown of what games generate what points will be published later this month.


New players will see a very generous 70% boost to their points as part of their welcome package. This means a new player will receive 6.8 points per $1 raked on fastforward (4 points boosted by 70%). It isn’t just new players who will receive boosts, there will be regular boost promotions, players will receive boost resets every Monday, with their new weekly boost level applying for the whole week.

New Payout Table

The new payout table is designed to ensure many more players receive weekly cashback, with the new minimum points threshold being just 10 points. At 10 points players will receive $0.50 in cashback.

This means the new player, playing fastforward, will start to receive cashback from just $1.50 in rake. (4 points at 70% boost = 6.8 points per $1. $1.50 x 6.8 = 10.2 points)

This new payout will see players earn up to 55% in weekly rakeback.

Why the change?

partypoker wants to reward players of all levels, not just the “grinders”. Whilst grinders are very important to the network, and will continue to get excellent levels of cashback, partypoker is committed to ensuring leisure / casual players are also able to earn cashback.

For far too long casual online poker players have received very little in terms of regular rewards from any online poker room, partypoker is changing that.

partypoker’s Director, Vadim Soloveychik, said: “Our new cashback programme aims to pay vastly more players than today, whilst also ensuring our loyal grinders are well catered for. By giving casual and leisure players more rewards, we believe that they will become more loyal customers, and help us deliver a more recreational focused poker network, which is good for all players”

All of this means that partypoker expect over 50% of players to receive some cashback each week!

What about the partypoker Diamond Club?

As part of this new cashback program partypoker is launching a new “SPINS Diamond Club” – for high volume players of SPINS and SPINS Ultra. For more information and to apply please contact

All of Entain’s non-US poker brands and partners will, regulation permitting, feature the new cashback program. France and Spain are expected to go live with new Cashback in Autumn, with Italy launching its own version later this year.

The US Poker Brands will continue to offer their own loyalty programs rather than new cashback.

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