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Stewart Scott Toe BreakerStewart Scott, the defending AussieMillions champion, reports his life happenings of the last few weeks. Read how Stewart broke his toe hurrying to the bathroom while playing a final table of an online poker tournament.

It’s been a crazy few weeks. I have been on a good run lately online cashing in quiet a few events, final tabling a heap and even managing a few wins. I was deep in one of the Majors on Mad Monday, in fact down to the last three. I was in a very comfortable second in chips with 1.2 million, the chip leader had approximately 1.5 Million. This spot was great compared to coming to the table in about eighth but I had other thing on my mind!

Bubble was about to burst

I had been busting to go to the toilet for about 45 minutes and bubble was about to burst and I am not talking poker but nevertheless I kept getting into hands. Just so I couldn’t go for a slash, blinds were getting crazy 5000 / 10000 and three handed there were too many sweet spots to exploit.

Finally I got my break, bolting for the toilet I smash my toes into a solid door I had smartly installed to block noise (from my lovely baby). Ouch man it hurt so bad I got to the toilet and had to compose myself for 20 seconds before I could even fathom the concept of draining the lizard.

Screaming as I was running back to my station as I was about to time amount when the missus says to me “harden up mate you have such a low threshold of pain”. Damn, I didn’t even have time to defend myself before I looked up at Ace 3 suited. I was in the small blind, made it 150k, the Villain made it 300. I shipped in the whole stack, he obliged by calling and throwing over Ace 9 off. There was no magical three from the poker gods and that was it GG.

Visit to a doctor

I couldn’t sleep all night constantly thinking how bad I had played the hand jamming with 50 bbs and I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t think properly because of that blooming toe. To make matters worse, of course the dog runs into my foot and wifey gives it a gentle tap to see if I am for real argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pain killer time.

Ironically a week later after walking god knows how many kilometers while doing media duties in Sydney I finally decided to go to a hospital. I hate those places, I arrive on mandatory tilt to sit there for 3 hours to be told “sorry mate it’s broken and there is not anything we can do, go home and rest up cobber”.

Basically I wasted my time so an expert of 7 years study could tell me something I already knew. My foot hurt, ah well at least I am running good online huh!

Defending the AussieMillions title

I’m getting pretty pumped to defend my AussieMillions title In January and between now and then I’m just going to keep grinding out the hours online to try and get back in the top ten in Australia. I am super keen to win the major at but if all else fails catch me at 1/2 tables.

I’ll be grinding out the 6max to freshen up my short handed game before I hit the Crown, who finally came through with some free accommodation. George practically had every staff member there on speed dial for 6 months LOL That freak never quits YAY! I wish sometime he took me off speeddial. Anyways, that’s another day another dollar.

Next time you hear that a couple of thugs broke the champs toe for an extortion bid just remember I kicked my toe on the way to the thunder house! Hahahahahah

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