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Day 4 of the $2.7 million Monster Series saw another 15 champions crowned and another $280,530 in prize money paid out despite the tournaments’ buy-ins ranging between $0.44 and a still affordable $33.

The total prize money awarded now stands at almost $1.5 million with another 63 events still to play, including the $300,000 guaranteed Monster #38-High Championship Event on Sunday 6th May, which incredibly only costs $33 to enter.

The fourth day of Monster Series action saw all tournaments played on six-handed tables, with some of the events held later in the day having faster and even turbo blind structures. Keep reading to see which partypoker players won big on Day 4 of Monster Series and what exciting events are scheduled for Day 5.

Monster Series: The Story So Far

  • Event played: 60
  • Events remaining: 63
  • Money awarded: $1,431,445

Monster Series Day 1 Highlights

Monster #18-High: $100K Gtd 6-Max

  • Buy-in: $33
  • Entries: 2,597
  • Prize pool: $100,000
  • ITM: 372

The biggest haul of cash on Day 5 went to “Wall2Wall3bet” courtesy of them winning Monster #18-High: $100K Gtd 6-Max. This event saw 2,597 players compete for the $100,000 prize pool and it was Wall2Wall3bet who emerged victorious and claimed a cool $12,489.

Wall2Wall3bet defeated “Dir_martins” heads-up for the title with the latter receiving $9,491 for their $33 investment.

Place Player Prize
1 Wall2Wall3bet $12,489
2 Dir_martins $9,491
3 HarpieQueen $7,501
4 PrinceFluff $5,391
5 fpqnsquirrel $3,491
6 Iggimov $1,907


Monster #17-High: $50K Gtd 6-Max

  • Buy-in: $27
  • Entries: 2,099
  • Prize pool: $51,530
  • ITM: 300

Monster #17-High: $50K Gtd 6-Max saw it guarantee beaten thanks to 2,099 players turning out for the $27 buy-in event. The $51,530 prize pools was shared among the top 300 finishers, with everyone at the six-handed final table walking away with at least $1,050.

“SSuperMaza” got their hands on the lion’s share of the prize pool, $6,700 to be exact, by being the last player standing. Runner-up “Al_Magellan” collected a hefty $5,153, a great score for only a $27 buy-in, showing how much value there is in the Monster Series tournaments.

Place Player Prize
1 SSuperMaza $6,700
2 Al_Magellan $5,153
3 kingsmanboy $3,950
4 alexj09 $2,885
5 s1kluck $1,911
6 EZ.PZ $1,050


Monster #16-High: $25K Gtd 6-Max

  • Buy-in: $22
  • Entries: 1,457
  • Prize pool: $29,140
  • ITM: 204

“i4BeAtU” turned $22 into $4,371 by coming out on top of 1,457 entries in the Monster #16-High: $25K Gtd 6-Max. The guarantee was beaten by some $4,140 and i4BeAtU took full advantage of their being a chunky prize pool by navigating their way to a superb first-place finish/

“v1garista” was the tournament’s runner-up, a finish worth $3,107 while “VaiQB” bust in third-place and added $2,418 to their partypoker bankroll.

Place Player Prize
1 i4BeAtU $4,371
2 v1garista $3,107
3 VaiQB $2,418
4 UrMamLovesIt $1,748
5 SimpleDmente $1,165
6 Scorpio-DK $728

Monster Series Events Running Today

Another 15 Monster Series events are scheduled for today, Thursday 3rd May, that have buy-ins ranging from $0.44 up to $33. Weigh up all of the guaranteed prize pools and they are worth a cool $267,500.

Each of today’s events are exciting in their own right, but some of the highlights include the $25,000 guaranteed, for a $22 buy-in, at 15:00 CET, the $50,000 guaranteed, for a $27 buy-in, at 17:00 CET and the massive $100,000 guaranteed at 19:00 CET that costs $33 to enter.

All of today’s events are played as as no-limit hold’em tournaments on eight-handed tables with the events starting later on the schedule having faster and even turbo blind structures for even more excitement.. Will you become a Monster Series champion today?

Time (CET) Event Buy-in
15:00 Monster #21-Low: $1K Gtd $0.88
15:00 Monster #21-Mid: $5K Gtd $4.40
15:00 Monster #21-High: $25K $22
17:00 Monster #22-Low: $2.5K Gtd $1.10
17:00 Monster #22-Mid: $10K Gtd $5.50
17:00 Monster #22-High: $50K Gtd $27
19:00 Monster #23-Low: $5K Gtd $1.50
19:00 Monster #23-Mid: $25K Gtd $7.50
19:00 Monster #23-High: $100K Gtd $33
21:00 Monster #24-Low: $1K Gtd Fast $0.66
21:00 Monster #24-Mid: $5K Gtd Fast $3.30
21:00 Monster #24-High: $25K Gtd Fast $16.50
23:00 Monster #25-Low: $500 Gtd Turbo $0.44
23:00 Monster #25-Mid: $2.5K Gtd Turbo $2.20
23:00 Monster #25-High: $10K Gtd Turbo $11

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